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What Is eLoc? The new and exciting eLoc is a digital addressing system for accurate location of physical structures such as independent houses, residential complexes, enclaves, buildings, flats, apartments, government offices, commercial and shopping centers. 

The local government, municipalities, post offices, courier services, etc. deal with the physical addresses of these immovable assets. 

The digital equivalents or eLocs are also similarly useful for online communications, e-commerce, digital marketing, and social networking needs. 

Have a look at the primary features offered by this precise technology known as eLoc - eLoc 

The citizens of a civilized nation have to stay inhabitable residences and work in identifiable commercial offices. 

Physical addresses are used by modern societies to uniquely identify individuals and groups of people using law-abiding methods. 

Similarly, The cyberspace of internet and mobile communications also facilitates digital addresses for tech-savvy people. The technical methods for personal identification and digital access include website URLs, email ID, social media accounts, and IP addresses. 

The term eLoc or eLocation refers to an electronic location or a digital addressing system for identification of physical or postal addresses.

  1. India's first national digital address system, eLoc, is the brainchild of MapmyIndia, which specializes in GPS solutions, maps, and mobile apps. The digital map database has been created through professional surveys and advanced mapping technologies.
  2. Real and physical addresses have variable formats comprising of door/plot or floor/house numbers; names of locality, town or city, state and pin code. In contrast, eLoc is a simple, sweet, and easy to remember the 6-character alphanumeric sequence.
  3. Postal addresses are confusing even for educated people due to complex or irregular formats and accidental changes. But eLoc has been designed and implemented to eliminate any sort of misunderstanding, misreading, or confusion.
  4. Deliveries get lost or suppliers lose precious time in the real world due to wrong addressing, poor handwriting, and other such common mistakes. With eLoc, there is no room for mistakes and the digital mapping techniques are also accurate and trustworthy.

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Why You Should Start Using eLoc?

The innovative eLoc is a digital addressing system that has been developed with the objective of delivering meaningful and productive solutions for e-commerce. 

According to digital experts, Mapping and address location services also create a better world due to their transparency and technical precision. 

Consumers, businessmen, and government officials have to seriously consider the option of using eLoc for the following reasons-

  1. The eLoc system has been streamlined and integrated with MapmyIndia's Smartphone and mobile apps, and the customers can also access data and APIs through partnerships.
  2. The comprehensive range of database and searching solutions deliver pin-pointed accuracy in terms of address identification and doorstep deliveries.
  3. Consumers can include their eLoc on business cards and email signatures, or share it with friends on social networking platforms for address location.
  4. The mapping and addressing system has been implemented to perfection, and real-time support is also very effective and fault free.
  5. The 6-letter address is highly efficient and it is freely available for searching, sharing, and identification of more than 20 million locations as of now.
  6. The exhaustive database also covers non-residential landmarks, tourist places, urban and rural roads across the length and breadth of India.

How Can You Use eLoc For Your Business?

The state of art addressing system of eLoc is an efficient digital resource for various types of business organizations. Accurate identification of physical structures and streets is an essential requirement in the following situations-

  • Ride-sharing services and taxi drivers can rely on the mapping technology to quickly identify pickup and drop locations even in unfamiliar territory.
  • Courier, transport, and delivery operators will have an accurate resource for address location that will reduce deadline anxiety and save petrol costs.
  • The trustworthy eLoc is a perfect method of data validation, and recruiters or entrepreneurs can fully depend on the address for verifying credentials.
  • The eLoc address can also be easily incorporated into e-commerce websites for providing digital marketing, SEO, and online advertising solutions.
  • Business profile can also be improved by including eLoc into the digital signatures of emails, business cards, gift vouchers, social media walls and postings.

How Can the Government Use eLoc?

The eLoc system is a dependable technology that gets well with other MapmyIndia's solutions comprising of mobile Apps, GPS products, digital maps and address databases. 

The Union and State governments or even the local e-Governance initiatives can partner with the company and utilize eLoc to deliver the following real-world services-

  • Doorstep rescue operations during floods, storms, fires, earthquakes, tsunamis, cloudbursts, landslides, and other natural disasters.
  • Revenue and property assessments by disaster management teams for accurate evaluation of economic loss and compensation.
  • Implement humanitarian and social welfare schemes in a streamlined and transparent fashion to eliminate corruption, middle men, negligence, and theft.
  • Link the eLoc address with other digital identification systems such as Aadhar, Voter ID, Library memberships, PDS cards, etc., to enhance people's trust in local governance.


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