How to Renew Indian Passport Online

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A passport remains valid for a fixed period. After that period, you have to apply for a new passport or you can renew it. Many of us think different questions like

  • Do we need police verification?
  • Do we need a letter from District Collector, SP or Military Officer?
  • Do we need an affidavit from notary?
  • We don’t know the process so do we need an agent for the renewal? Etc.

All these types of questions bother people but the truth is the renewal of the passport has now become very easy because of the online application process. It is very similar to the fresh of a passport. Here we have the procedure in steps for the renewal of passport online.

Documents Required

There are two cases in the renewal of passport- If the address is the same you will need-

  • Old passport
  • A copy of first two pages and last two pages along with ECR/Non-ECR page.

If the address is changed-

  • Old passport
  • A copy of first two pages and last two pages along with ECR/Non-ECR page.
  • New address proof, which can be given through following documents-
  1. Aadhar Card
  2. Ration Card
  3. Voter Id
  4. Society letter (NOC)

Passport renewal India -Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Registration

First, go to the Passport Portal Seva website. For registration you will see ‘Register now’ option in the middle of the page. Click on that option. A page will open named ‘User Registration’. Then simple steps should be followed- passport renewal 

Note- The words renew and reissue is used interchangeably in this article.

  • In the first option select the registration application for passport office.
  • Then select the passport office city near from you.
  • The next options are for your basic info like name, surname, and date of birth etc
  • Click the register button.
  • A link will be sent you at your e-mail id with your details. You have to open the link for the activation of your account.

Step 2: Login 

Once the activation is done you can log in with your registered id and password. With one account you can apply 3 times. passport renewal india 

After the login “Applicant Home” page will be opened. There you will find the option “Apply for fresh passport/ Renew the passport” Click on the “Renew the passport” option and then on “Next”.

 passport renewal online

Step 3: Passport type

After the “Applicant home” the page “Passport type” will be opened. In which following details are asked-

 indian passport renewal

  • The first option is the purpose of applying select the second one “ Renew of the Passport”
  • If you know the specific reason for renewal from the given reasons, you can select one of them.
  • Type of application normal or tatkal will be the next option.
  • Type of the booklet- 36 pages or 60 pages. Then click the ”Next”.

Step 4: Applicant Details

After clicking on the next button “Applicant Details” page will be opened. The details hold the following things and make sure that they would be the same as in the old passport- passport renewal process

  1. Name and Surname
  2. Date of birth and place of birth
  3. State (if born in India), district and country (if born in Abroad).
  4. Gender
  5. Marital Status
  6. Citizenship
  7. PAN no. and voter id
  8. Employment status
  9. If parents/spouse is in government service (in case of minor)
  10. Educational qualifications
  11. Applicable for Non-ECR category ( ECR-Emigration Check Required)
  12. Visible distinguishing marks
  13. Aadhar no.

After filling these details click on the next button. You can also save the details by clicking on option “Save my details” option.

Step 5: Family Details

After the applicant details, “Family Details” page opens. On this page, the following details are required-

  1. Father’s name
  2. Surname
  3. Mother’s name
  4. Surname
  5. Guardian name and surname (if applicable).

Then click on the next button.

Step 6: References

After emergency contact, the references page opens in which you have to fill two references from your society/locality for verification. For two references you need to fill-

  1. Name and mobile no.
  2. Then click on the “next”

Then click on the “next”

Step 7: Previous passport details

At this page, you have to fill up the details of your previous passport. Like the following-

  • Passport number
  • Date of issue
  • Date of expiry
  • Place of the issue (village/town/city.)
  • Have you ever held/hold any other passport? (diplomatic/official)
  • Have you ever applied for the passport, but not issued? You can simply choose the option in yes or no. Then click on the “next”.

Step 8: Other details

In the other details, an applicant has to fill the yes or no options for the following things (in case of yes provide the details)-

  1. Is any criminal proceeding pending?
  2. Has the criminal convicted by the court?
  3. If the applicant is denied to passport?
  4. If the applicant’s passport is impounded/revoked?
  5. If the applicant is applied or been granted the political asylum?
  6. If the applicant is returned to India on the emergency certificate?

After completing it click on the “next” button.

Step 9: Verification

After the details filling process, the next step is to verify the details. Take a glance If you want to make any change you can change it and then click on the “next”.

Step 10: Submission of Form

After the verification fill the place name and date. Then select the little box “I Agree”. You can also enrol your mobile no. 

for Passport Seva SMS Services at the charges of 30 rupees which will be payable at Passport Seva Kendra at the time of application processing appointment. Then click on the button “Submit” to submit the form.

Step 11: Pay and Schedule

After self-declaration, your application will be successfully submitted. Then comes to pay the application fee and schedule the appointment. Choose the option “ Pay and Schedule” after the form submission. There will be two modes-

  1. Online Payment
  2. Challan Payment

You can choose either of them. Then click on the “next”. Then the appointment availability comes. The list of appointment centres will be given for different dates. 

Choose your Passport Seva Kendre location which is convenient to your residence and then click on “next”. 

Then the option “Pay and book appointment” will appear. First, check the details and then click on the option. 

You can pay through internet banking or debit/credit card. After the successful payment, your form process is completed.

Step 12: At the PSK

There are the following things you should take care while going to the Passport Seva Kendra-

  • Go with the appointment letter and original documents.
  • Reach on time or the appointment will be cancelled automatically within 5 minutes if you get late.
  • Only mobile phones are allowed at the Kendra.
  • If you are a minor or senior citizen or physically handicapped only then you are allowed to bring someone with you.
  • At the Kendra after being passed by the security, stand in the queue to get the token.
  • The person at the token counter will ask for the appointment letter and the original documents. She/he will check the documents, take one copy of all documents, put them in a file and give you back the original documents. And then give you the token.
  • Then wait for your name and token number to be called. After being called the security will let you in by checking token.
  • The application zone is divided in three sections-A,B, and C
  • In section A- all the original documents will be scanned and uploaded in their system. Your biometric details and photograph will be taken. Pay the fee which is required to pay in that section. After this process, your file and token number both will give you back.
  • Then wait for the section B to call your name and token number. In section B, an officer will verify your original documents. Then for renewal stamp your passport as cancelled and the documents photocopies as verified. Then your file and token both will give you back.
  • After section B, wait for the Section C to call your name and token number. In this section, your document file will be verified again by a senior passport officer. She/he will ask you some questions for the passport. If satisfied she/he will stamp it verified. The officer will also tell you about tatkal passport (if you have applied), police verification (if required) and some other related things. Then the file will be kept with the officer at C-Section.
  • After all this process you have to submit your token back and then you will receive a passport application receipt containing passport file number. With the help of this passport file number, you can track your application online on the website.

Passport Renewal Complete Process- Video

Note- If you want to make a change in any of the filled up details then you can change it during the document verification process at the Passport Seva Kendra.

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