How to Check Air India Flight Status

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This article will help you to learn How to Check Air India Flight Status in 3 simple steps.

While the airline tries to stick to its scheduled time of flights, there are often unavoidable circumstances that result in a flight delay such as sudden travel restrictions due to the current pandemic, weather changes, and air traffic clearance. So to avoid spending extra time at the airport, you should always check Air India Flight Status before you leave for the airport. Before traveling internationally you can also check your passport status online so that you don't face any problems while traveling.

How to Know Air India Flight Status

One of the best ways to travel is through the air or aircraft. Air travel not only shortens travel times but also ensures that passengers are safe and pleasant. The third-largest airline in India is an airline with an Indian base, Air India. You've come to the right place if you purchased an Air India ticket and want to Check Air India Flight Status then this article will help you to learn the procedure in few easy steps.

Check Air India Flight Status in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Go to Air India : To check your air India flight status first visit the official website of Air India.

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Step 2: Tap on flight status: Once you visit the official website you will see options on your screen like 'Search flights, Manage Bookings' etc. Tap on 'flight status' to move ahead with the process.

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Step 3: Fill the information: Then Enter the flight number as mentioned on your ticket and also the date of your travel.

You can also Search for other flights from the same website or manage your booking by choosing other options.

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Step 4: Tap on submit: Recheck the flight number you have entered and make sure it is correct.

Then finally tap on 'Submit' to complete the steps and check the status of your flight.

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Despite the airline's best efforts to adhere to its flight schedule, there are frequently a number of unforeseen events, such as abrupt travel restrictions brought on by the current epidemic, weather changes, technical issues, and air traffic clearance. In this case, it is always advisable to check your flight status before leaving home.


What is Web check-in?

This is a feature that allows travelers with confirmed reservations on Air India-operated flights to check in online for their flight. For some code-sharing flights, web check-in is an option. If passengers need any more help, they should get in touch with the operating code-share airline.

Can babies be checked-in as well?

The related adult and the infant booked in the PNR may both be checked in.

What is the time frame for using the web check-in option for a flight?

On international flights, web check-in is available starting 48 hours before departure and up to two hours before to departure. Up to one hour prior to departure, web check-in is allow to domestic travellers. Passengers can access the airport, nonetheless, four hours before departure.

Would I be able to select the seat I wanted?

Till 240 minutes prior to departure, the paid seat selection option will be available. It costs nothing to use the seats you choose at web check-in.

How to use the online booking service?

Select your route, date, cabin type, and mode of transportation, then click 'Search.'
After that, you must proceed as follows:

  1. Choose a flight and fare from a list of available flights and prices.
  2. Reviewing Selected
  3. Please include the following information for passengers (Name, Contact etc)
  4. Choose Extra Services (optional)
  5. Obtaining a confirmation of the booking's specifics.

What time constraints apply to online ticket purchases?

For all flights, online reservations are accepted up to two hours before to departure. Any flight with a scheduled departure up to 361 days in the future can be booked online.

We all know that Air India is among the greatest and third-biggest airlines in India. It is also one of the major organisations and is run by the Indian government. Additionally, it is the official Indian national airline, which means that it is only utilised for exceptional occasions.

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