How to Register for Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana

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The Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) is a skill development plan of the Indian Government. The scheme has been initiated by the Centre for encouraging higher standards in the development of skills and entrepreneurship. PMKVY

What is NSDC: The flagship scheme of the Government is implemented with the assistance of National Skill Development Council(NSDC). The NSDC implements the scheme by coordinating with Industry as well as the various Skill Councils from different sectors of India. 

What's the Purpose of  Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana: PMKVY strives to establish high qualification and quality plans in standardized training programmes and produce skilled labor for industries or corporations. 

The existing and potential trainees receive high-quality training and the enhanced skill sets improve their chances of getting employment in different skilled professions. 

The self-starters can also use their efficient skill sets to become self-employed entrepreneurs to produce high-quality goods and services.

PMKVY Project

The PMKVY Project is a primary scheme that has been devised by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE). 

The skill certification plan has been designed with the noble objective of encouraging Indian youth to skill themselves through standard training programmes. 

Which type of employment providing by PMKVY The skills are relevant for industrial employment, and the trainees will be better equipped to secure a meaningful job and earn their livelihood. 

The PMKVY scheme also includes individuals who have prior learning experience or employable skills. 

These candidates are assessed and the successful ones receive monetary rewards and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) certification for demonstrating or proving their competency up to the National Skills Qualifications Framework (NSQF) level. 

PMKVY suitable for whom? 

The PMKVY project is suitable for unskilled laborers, daily wage earners, semi-skilled workers, and other skilled people who work in the unorganized sector. 

Note: NSQF is a quality assurance framework for implementation of higher standards in vocational, formal, and informal education, with the objective of bridging the demand-supply gap for skilled workers in various Indian industries.

PMKVY Components

The PMKVY skill certification scheme has successfully completed the first year of its implementation, and the Union Cabinet has given an extension to the PMKVY Scheme for another 4 yrs. till the year 2020. The key components of the PMKVY project are listed here for the benefit of applicants -

  1. Short-term training at PMKVY training centers(TCs) is suitable for unemployed youth or school and college dropouts.
  2. The training follows NSQF guidelines and also includes soft skills, financial literacy, digital usage, and entrepreneurship.
  3. The Government will pay the fees for both the training programme as well as the subsequent exams or assessments.
  4. Semi-skilled and skilled individuals can apply for RPL certification through assessments at RPL Campus, RPL Centre, or Current Employer's Premises.
  5. PMKVY scheme also includes Special Projects that do not follow the Qualification Packs (QPs) or National Occupational Standards (NOSs). Participants in this part of the scheme include Government, Corporate, and Industrial Organizations.
  6. PMKVY project encourages enrolment through bi-annual Kaushal and Rozgar Melas, National Career Service Melas, and ground level activities.
  7. The role of TCs is to assist the enrolled candidates in training, recording attendance, assessments, certification, and placement.
  8. The TCs are also monitored for high quality through Skills Development Management System (SDMS), auditing, surprise inspections, and call validations.
  9. The aspirants who receive certificates can seek placement using the covering letters and undertakings provided by the accredited TCs.

PMKVY Centre

The PMKVY Centres that provide training to the unemployed aspirants are known as Training Centres(TCs). These TCs have to seek accreditation or affiliation with the Government through proper registration process. 

The centers also have to install Biometric devices for Aadhar card verification. The Biometric system can be used by the TCs to record the student's attendance and monitor his or her performance during the training period. 

How to find PMKVY training center  

Visit the official website and fill the details State, District, sector, job role and click on submit button. pmkvy

PMKVY Registration Process for TCs

The Training Centres have to impart various industry-relevant skills to enrolled candidates according to the PMKVY guidelines. 

The interested Parent Organizations can seek accreditation or affiliation by registering with NSDC. The TCs authorized personnel can use the following sequence of steps to submit the application forms -

  1. First, the official website has to be opened at the following link-
  2. Click the newly updated link for Centre Accreditation & Affiliation Portal (CAAP).
  3. Fill in the details of the application form, and upload all the necessary documents.
  4. Details and documents include mobile number, email id, PAN, TAN, Centre/Firm Registration Number, Address Proof, Office/Sign Board Photograph, 2 Yr. Accounts, Training performance in last 3 yrs., etc.,
  5. Pay the one-time Registration Fee through the online payment portal.
  6. You can complete the registration only after submitting all details and documents.
  7. Check the filled in details and uploaded documents, and make the final submission.
  8. An email with Registration Number and Password is sent by NSDC as acknowledgment slip.

PMKVY Enrolment Process For Trainees

The PMKVY Enrolment process for trainees includes the following online and offline steps-

  1. First, you have to open the official website at the following link-
  2. After that, Click the 'Find a Training Centre' link in the top menu of the homepage.
  3. On the next page, Select your desired State, District, Sector, and Job Roles.
  4. Click the 'Submit' link to see the list of suitable TCs that are nearest to you.
  5. Contact the TC in person, and enroll for training in the desired course.
  6. You have to submit Aadhar Card and other testimonials for database registration.
  7. Registered candidates have to attend classes and they will receive certification or monetary rewards after assessments.

How to Avoid PMKVY Fraud

Interested applicants have to avoid PMKVY fraud by understanding the following salient features of NSDC:

  • Do not rely on fraudulent institutions/individuals who promise employment on behalf of NSDC office.
  • Fraudsters have printed logos/letters/call letters with PMKVY and NSDC address.
  • Aspirants can identify the fraudsters on the basis of monetary demands. They usually ask the applicants to make a bank deposit through draft or cheque (offline payment).
  • NSDC directly contacts the suitable candidates and recruits them after personal interviews on the basis of qualification and performance.
  • The HR department of NSDC office does not demand any money from the applicants.

PMKVY Sectors

Agriculture, Automotive, Beauty & Wellness, Food Industry, Electronics, Handicrafts & Carpets, Healthcare, IT, Gem and Jewellery, Furniture & Fittings, Plumbing, Leather, Power, Sports, Telecom, Textiles, Tourism & Hospitality, etc.,

PMKVY Portal/Official Website          

The interested aspirants have to check the official portal at regular intervals for all the latest guidelines and notifications on PMKVY project.  

The aspirants can use their internet-enabled Mobiles or Computers to check the additional details of TC certification and placements:


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