How to Wave Anyone on Messenger

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You can be easily in touch with anyone using the messenger application. You can wave anyone on messenger it helps to be in touch with someone. Just follow the step by step given below and you can easily wave anyone on Messenger.

How To Send A Wave On Facebook Messenger to anyone

Steps to wave anyone on messenger:

1. Open the messenger application: Firstly on your android application, you will see a blue colored logo. It's the trademark application for the messenger application. Just tap on the logo to launch your messenger application.

Wave to anyone on messenger

2. Tap on Contacts: After you have opened the messenger application you will see two people icon at the bottom of the application. Just tap on it to open all your messenger contacts. Wave to anyone on messenger

3. Tap on the wave icon: You will see all your contacts and also just next to the contacts list you will see a hand logo which is the logo for the wave. You can just tap on that wave logo to wave to a particular contact. For example, in this, we are waving to Gaurav Kumar so we will tap on the wae icon just next to that contact name. Wave to anyone on messenger

4. It turns Yellow: After you have waved successfully you will see that the wave logo has turned to yellow which the sign that your wave has been successfully sent to the contact. Wave to anyone on messenger

The wave is really a great thing when it comes to start a conversation with anyone. You can just send a wave and start a conversation with your contacts. The person can also wave you back and hence starting a conversation.

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