How to View Archived Messages on Facebook Messenger

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Archiving messages doesn't remove them or delete them. You can easily view archived messages on Facebook messenger whenever you want to. So, what happens when you archive conversations in messenger? Archiving is like hiding the messages from your regular chats. Once you archive a conversation, it is not visible in the regular chat list until you access it the next time. The message history stays safe and private like this. Let us learn to view back those archived chats.

View Archived Chats on Facebook Messenger: 4 Steps

Step-1 Open Messenger Application: Now, to view messages and conversations of the Facebook application, you must have the application of messenger installed.

  • This is a very versatile application that clubs text messages, Facebook messages, and Instagram direct messages if you want to.
  • So, download the messenger application from the play store.
  • You will have to log in with your Facebook ID and password itself.

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Step-2 Profile Icon: Once you open the messenger application, you are asked if you want to club your contacts. Do the required necessary settings and get ahead.

  • In the chat list, you see all the unarchived chats.
  • To view archived chats on Facebook messenger, click on the profile icon that is just beside 'Chats'
  • Here, all the profile settings can be seen.

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Step-3 Archived Chats Option: In the list of settings, there are various categories like account, personal, profile, preferences, account and so on.

  • In the preferences categories just after services, you see an option of Archived Chats.
  • The option is present just below notifications and sounds.
  • Click on that to go further.

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Step-4 View the Chats: Thus, at last, you can view your archived chats. From here, you can delete them or unarchive them as well.

  • Remember that once there is a new message from the sender, the chat will automatically show in the list of chats even if it is archived.
  • So, after every new conversation, you need to archive the chat again if you want to keep it that way.
  • You can always follow these steps to view the chats again anytime.

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Now, what is the use of archiving chats? Well, it is helpful when you want to retain some private or sensitive conversation. Sometimes, the information in the chat may be personal, not for others to see. But we want to keep it anyhow. So, instead of keeping the chat along with regular chats for anyone opening your messenger to see, you can archive them and keep them safe. Also, deleting messages on messenger means you lose it forever. Archiving them keeps it intact.

  • Archives can also be made when there are too many old conversations. You don't want to delete them but also do not want to keep them on top with regular chats to avoid confusion.
  • In such a scenario, you can archive them. Safe and out of the way too.
  • You must remember that anyone can follow these steps and view your archived chats if they have your messenger in hand.
  • There is also a shortcut. In the search option of chats, you can type the person's name to access his/her archived chats.

Thus, ensure that your chats are safe from prying eyes by archiving. You can view archived messages on Facebook messenger at your ease anytime.

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