How to Turn Off Messenger

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If you don’t want people could disturb you on messenger, or they can’t see that you are active. Messenger has now added a new feature called as inactive status, through which you can turn on or turn off the messenger. By turning off messenger, you would not appear inactive list of your friends.

People can’t see that you are active, but still you can text them, call them and you can update your status also. We are going to discuss how to turn off messenger:

How to turn off messenger on Mobile

These are the steps, through which you can turn off chat on the messenger on mobile:

  1. Open messenger app: Open the messenger app in your smartphone.
  2. Sign-in: Just enter your email id with password and then login.
  3. Tap on home icon: After that, you see home icon on the bottom of right corner tap on that.
  4. Tap on profile icon: On the top-right corner, you see profile-icon, tap on that.
  5. Tap on active status: After tapping, you see active status icon, tap on that.
  6. Swipe left for turn off: After tapping you see the “Show when you active” option, just swipe it left.
  7. Ask you to turn off: After you swipe left, a pop will generate ask you to turn off, just click on turn off.
  8. Messenger is turn off: Go back to your profile icon, you see a green color circle is changed now to another color, shows that you turn it off.

If you want you can turn on the messenger again, by just tapping on active status, if it turns green that means you are active if it turns to another color that means you inactive messenger.

How to turn off messenger on Desktop?

These are the steps to inactive messenger on desktop:

  1. Open web browser: Open your web browser and type and press enter.
  2. Sign-in: Enter your email id with password and then login.
  3. Click on settings: On the top-left corner, you see a gear icon, click on that.
  4. Choose the active contacts: After clicking, you see a list will generate, scroll down, just select the active status option.
  5. blue-color bar: After clicking on active contacts option, you see your name with picture and a blue color bar on right-side.
  6. Swipe to left to turn off: Just swipe the green bar on left-side and turn off the messenger.

By turning off the messenger, You cannot see the active status of your friends also.

By default, all the people who are using the Facebook messenger app is always active. But if you want to turn it off you have to make changes in the settings.

Messenger is basically used for the communication purpose, but if you want to take some break, and don’t want people can message you again and again when you are online, just go through the above procedure it will definitely help you to turn off the messenger.

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