How to Logout of Messenger

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Facebook messenger App does not provide you the logout option directly, sometimes which creates the security issues, In case if you just forget to log out, the other person may misuse your account and also can hack your account by just changing the password.

They can change all the information in your account such as, can send the text messages, add more people, block your friends, change your status and all. It’s better to log out, some people does not have any idea that there are some other options through which we can log out of messenger and we are going to discuss them in details.

How to log out from messenger App

These are the steps to log out from messenger App

  1. Open your device settings: Open the device settings in your android phone, which is look like gear shape.
  2. Tap on App management: Scroll down, you see the App management, just tap on that.
  3. Tap on messenger app icon: Scroll down, you see the messenger icon, tap on that.
  4. Tap on Clear data: After tapping, you see storage, it contains “Clear data” button tap on that.
  5. Clear the data: After tapping on clear button, a box will appear, ask you to clear, just tap on clear and then exit.
  6. Open messenger app: Open your messenger app in your android phone. It will ask you to login again.

It means now, you are logged out and if you want to open your messenger again, then just again repeat the process. Through this your account privacy is also maintained.

 How to log out of messenger on Desktop

There are the steps to log out messenger on desktop:

  1. Open web browser: Open your web browser and type and press enter.
  2. Click on settings: On the top-left corner, you will see an icon that will look like a gear, click on that.
  3. Choose the logout option: After clicking, you see a list will generate, scroll down, just select the logout option.
  4. Click logout: After clicking on logout option, you see you will reach the login page again, and now you are logged out.

If you want to log in again, you can repeat the above procedure from the starting. In case, if you want to install the messenger in your desktop, just go to the play store and type messenger and install it from there. This article will clearly explain all the things in details that how to logout of messenger.

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