How to Uninstall or Delete Facebook Messenger

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Is messenger not useful to you anymore? Don't worry, you can uninstall or delete Facebook Messenger and get rid of it. Messenger is a messaging application specifically for managing messages of Facebook friends. You need to keep it to have conversations with Facebook friends. But if you no longer use Facebook or want to turn off messenger completely, you can delete the messenger application. Let us know how to do it.

How to Uninstall and Delete Facebook Messenger android or iphone

Uninstall or Delete Facebook Messenger: 6 Steps

Step-1 Open the Play Store Application: You need to go to the play store application. You will easily find it on your device as it is a compulsory application on all devices that you cannot delete.

  • Its icon is like a triangle having its top on the right side. Thus, it looks like a sleeping triangle.
  • Open it to and go ahead.

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Step-2 Click on Search Area: On opening the play store application, you will see a search bar on top of the screen. It has a sign of magnifying lens on the left-hand side and a speaker icon on the right-hand side.

  • Click on the search bar to type.
  • If you do not want to type, you can click on the microphone icon to speak and search.

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Step-3 Messenger Application: In the search bar, type in 'Messenger'. If you are using the microphone icon to speak and search, speak 'messenger.'

  • To clarify, you must speak messenger clearly for getting the correct results.
  • Otherwise, the play store will suggest other messaging applications.

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Step-4 Select Messenger: Select the correct spelling of messenger in the suggestions. Like this, you are most likely to get the first suggestion of the application that we are looking for.

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Step-5 Click on Messenger: In the first suggestion itself, you will see messenger. If you do not recognize the icon, let me remind you. It is a thought balloon of purple color having blue shades with it.

  •  You want to uninstall or delete Facebook messenger, it means it is already there on your device.
  • So, just beside the messenger name, there will be the option of 'Open' to open the application.
  • But you need to click on the application icon or its name itself to go further.

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Step-6 Click on 'Uninstall': Now, by clicking on the name and icon, two options pop up. One is open and the other is uninstall.

  • Click on the uninstall option to delete the Facebook messenger application from your device.
  • It will take a few moments to delete the application. Wait until it is done and then you can exit the play store application.

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To clarify, you will not lose any conversations or friends by uninstalling Facebook messenger. If you have added someone on messenger, they will not be removed. Whenever you install messenger again, all of the chats and friends will come along. There is also one shortcut to uninstall or delete Facebook messenger.

  • Search for the application on your device.
  • Do not open it but long press on it.
  • By doing so, certain options appear like add to the home screen, move, remove, uninstall, and alike based on the device that you use.
  • You can choose either the remove or uninstall option from that pop-up menu, whichever comes on your device.

Thus, like this, your device is free of Facebook messenger.

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