How to Archive Chat in Messenger

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Have you ever faced confusion between deleting a chat because it is personal or keeping it? Now, you don't have to because you can archive chat in messenger and keep them away. How? Well, before learning that let us understand what archiving chats would do to your messages. Archiving is different from deleting. When you delete a chat, you lose it forever.

  • But, when you archive them, you keep them safe and tucked down from your regular chats.
  • It is like temporarily hiding your chat from the regular chats.
  • On archiving, you cannot see those chats in the list of chats on opening messenger.
  • Thus, private chats are kept away and protected.

Archive chats in Messenger: 4 Steps

Step-1 Open Messenger: Messenger is the messaging application exclusively for Facebook. However, it now integrates Instagram messages, text messages too. But only if you give the permissions and merge it.

  • So, simply go to the play store application and type in 'Messenger.'
  • You will see a beautiful purplish-blue icon in the shape of a thought balloon.
  • Install it on your device and wait for it to load.

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Step-2 Enter your ID and Password: On opening the messenger application, it will ask for your login details. On messenger, you do not have to create any new passwords or ID, so don't worry.

  • Enter the ID and Password that you use to log in to Facebook.
  • Messenger and Facebook are connected to each other so they take information from each other.
  • Once you enter your login data, all your Facebook friends will be loaded here.
  • You can even use messenger without Facebook. 

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Step-3 Long Press the Chat: The chats load easily on messenger after logging in. You also see a strip of all the friends that are online on top of the Chats page.

  • Now here, search for the chat that you want to archive.
  • If you do not have any chat to archive yet, start a new chat with someone.
  • After you finish it, you can use that chat to try to archive chats in messenger.
  • You have to long-press on that specific chat to go ahead with the process of archiving.

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Step-4 Click on Archive: Now, I am sure you have got the answer. On long-pressing the chat, the first option you see is of the archive.

  • Click on that and you will see your chat vanish from the list of chats.
  • If you observe carefully, the icon of the archive is almost similar to that of the delete option just below it.
  • The archive option looks like an inverted hat having a slice in between. This signifies that your chat is hidden at the end but you can view it anytime you wish to.

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Yes, when you archive chat in messenger, they stay away from daily chats. But you can see them anytime from the list of archived chats. However, one thing to take care of. Even if you archive the chat, whenever there's a new text from the person, it will show up in the list of daily chats. To clarify, after every chat with the person, you need to archive the chat again. Thus, it is not for forever hiding but just to keep it away in a different category for some time to not delete messages on messenger. 

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