How to Archive Conversation in Messenger

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Messenger is a messaging as well as a chatting application created for Facebook. It is a separate application which makes the use of Facebook easier. Messenger provides users with many different services for a better experience using the application.

  • One such service is the option to archive a conversation in messenger.
  • Archiving a conversation in messenger hides the chat in the list of chats.
  • The messenger application can be used as the primary text message application of your phone.
  • Therefore the steps explained below show you how you can archive a conversation in messenger.

How to archive chat in Messenger

1. Launch the Messenger application: The first step to archive a conversation in Messenger is to launch the application. Launching messenger is nothing but opening the application from the phone's app drawer. Locate the messenger icon shown in the picture from amongst the apps on your phone. Tap on it once to open messenger. Archive conversation on messenger

2. Locate the chat you want to archive and long press it : As a result of opening the messenger application, you will get the screen shown below. You will find the list of all your chats with your friends. There are 2 things you need to do in this stage, namely,

  • Locate the chat which you want to archive either by scrolling through the chats, or by using the search option.
  • Long press on the chat you want to archive.

Archive conversation on messenger

3. Select the Menu option: Long pressing the chat will give you 3 different options as shown in the picture, which are,

  • Menu
  • Notifications
  • Delete

From the 3 options that are given to you, you have to select the menu option. As shown by the arrow mark the menu option is represented by a 3 horizontal line icon. Tap on this icon once to access the menu of the chat.

Archive conversation on messenger

4. Tap on the Archive option: As a result of opening the Menu, you will get a pop-up list of all the options regarding the chat. You will find various chat related options such as delete, mute notifications, open chat head, etc. Locate the option of "archive" from the list. Tap on the archive option as shown by the arrow in the picture. Doing this will hide the chat from your chat list. Archive conversation on messenger

Therefore, any user who wants to archive a conversation in messenger must follow the steps explained above. The procedure is very simple and hides the chat from the list of chats. Unless the user sends you a message, the chat will remain archived and hidden. Therefore, for privacy reasons and many more, the option to archive conversations in messenger is very important to users.

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