How to Appear Offline on Messenger

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You often feel the fear of seeing your parents online on the messenger app. Do you? If yes then do not worry. Messenger app allows you to appear offline on Messenger so that nobody can see the green dot that you are online.

Yes, it is true. Isn't it cool? You can now maintain your privacy without any fear. You can also archive conversations on Messenger just like you do WhatsApp.

Follow these 4 easy steps mentioned below to know how to appear offline on the Messenger App.

How To Appear Offline On Messenger (Even When Online)

Appear Offline On Messenger in 4 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open the Messenger App: On your mobile phone, find the messenger app where all other apps are present and Open it.

  • You can also search by writing "Messenger" in your search bar that is present above all the apps.
  • You can see the image below to know what a messenger app looks like.
Image Titled Appear Offline on Messenger Step 1

Step-2 Tap on Your Profile Icon: On the top left corner above all the chats, you will see your profile picture in a circle. It is called the Profile Icon. Tap on this icon and move to the next step.

Image Titled Appear Offline on Messenger Step 2

Step-3 Click on the Active Status: Once you click on the profile icon, a list of options will appear on your screen. Find the "Active Status" option in the list.

  • This option is responsible for your online or offline status in the messenger app.
  • If you want that you don't appear offline on messenger then you have to turn it off. Click on it to do so.
Image Titled Appear Offline on Messenger Step 3

Step-4 Turn Off Your Activity Status: When you click on the Activity Status option, you will see "Show when you're active" written on the page. There is a button on the right of it as you can see below.

  • If the button is On it will be on the right side and appear blue. As you want to turn off your activity status.
  • So, click on the button and then it will turn to the left side and appear grey as shown below.
  • This means that your activity status is now off and you won't appear online in the messenger app.
Image Titled Appear Offline on Messenger Step 4

Is End-To-End Encryption Applied in Messenger?

Yes, all your data in messenger is end-to-end encrypted which means not even Facebook can access your file or data.

What is Dark Mode on Messenger?

Dark mode on messenger is a mode that changes the theme of your messenger from white to black color. This mode is available in many apps these days because it reduces the direct exposure to blue light. It is considered better to use phones in dark mode. You can also enable dark mode in Telegram.

How Can I Enable the Dark Mode in Messenger?

To enable it on messenger just go to the settings by clicking on the profile icon. Now, search the dark mode option. You will see a google switch on the right of the dark mode option. Click on the switch and your dark mode will turn on. You can click on it again to turn it back to the default mode.

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