How to Upload Resume on LinkedIn

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Sometimes, it is a chore to upload a resume while you are applying for some job on LinkedIn. Instead, upload resume on LinkedIn on your profile itself. So, whenever you need to send someone a resume or attach it with LinkedIn easy apply, you can do it quickly! This will save a lot of your time and you can always upload your updated resume in advance.

Nobody can view your resume until you allow them to, so don't worry. And if you are concerned about your privacy, you can even stop LinkedIn from accessing your contacts.

How to Add Resume on LinkedIn

Upload Resume on LinkedIn in 7 Steps

Step-1 Open LinkedIn App: Where do you want to upload your resume? On LinkedIn, right? So, for this purpose, open the application of LinkedIn on your mobile device.

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Step-2 Go to Your Account: After entering the application, go to your profile icon before you start scrolling through the feed. Let's keep our target of uploading resume in mind first.

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Step-3 Click on Settings: From there, go to the option of settings.

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Step-4 Click on Data Privacy: A resume is one form of data that you put on the LinkedIn platform. So, settings related to it will fall in the category of Data Privacy. Click on that to upload resume on LinkedIn.

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Step-5 Click on Job Application Settings: The second category here is Job Application settings. Click on that to go further with the process.

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Step-6 Click on Upload Resume: Under that, you will find an option to upload a resume as highlighted in the image below. To upload resume on LinkedIn, click on that.

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Step-7 Select Your Resume and Upload It: Now, it will direct you to your files. From your files, select your most recent resume to upload. Thus, you have successfully completed the process.

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How to Do it On A Laptop?

On a laptop, you need to click on your profile icon. From there, select the option of settings and privacy. Under that, there will be various categories. Click on any other option than 'Account Preferences.' By doing so, you will see the option of data privacy. Then the steps are similar. Go to job application settings and upload your resume from your laptop.

Is It Visible to Everyone?

No, it isn't. It comes in handy when you choose the option of 'Apply Now', or 'LinkedIn Easy Apply.' You will just have to select your resume so that it goes along with your application to the recruiter.

What is the Benefit of Uploading Resume on LinkedIn?

This comes in handy while applying for a job. When you upload a resume and attach it with the application, the recruiter will have more insights about you. LinkedIn also sends notifications like 'Resume Viewed', 'Resume Downloaded', and so on. Like this, you can have an idea whether to expect a call or email from the recruiter or not.

Further, you also get prompts to answer questions. Your information is saved by LinkedIn for giving you future job suggestions. It even makes your profile visible accordingly. If it is properly optimized for a role, it will show to others. However, you can turn off 'people also viewed' on your LinkedIn profile if it bothers you a lot!

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