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Ever heard that LinkedIn is great if you want to grow professionally but don't know anything about it? Well, there's nothing so scary. Firstly install LinkedIn App and we will make sure you become pro at using it for your professional goals. Let us explain what LinkedIn is briefly before going into detail.

  • LinkedIn is one type of social networking site but with a motive to keep it professional.
  • Just like you meet school and college friends on other social media platforms to talk about anything and everything, you meet new people here to talk about work and industry.
  • You can build professional relations by connecting with industry experts. You can gain knowledge and showcase what you know about your field.
  • It is good to have someone who understands the pain of our work life, isn't it? So, install LinkedIn for that.

How to Download & Install Linkedin App in Android Device

Install LinkedIn App in Just 4 Steps

Step-1 Open Play Store or App Store: LinkedIn will not distinguish if you are using an iPhone or an android. Just simply go to their respective store of applications, that is play store or app store and get going.

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Step-2 Activate the Search Bar: On the top of the play store, you will see the search bar. Click on it to activate the keyboard.

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Step-3 Enter LinkedIn: In the search bar, type in 'LinkedIn' to search for it. You can even use the microphone option to voice type. Let the search results load.

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Step-4 Click on Install: Identify the logo of LinkedIn before clicking the install button. It is deep blue with white 'in' letters inside it. On identifying it as per the image below, you can go ahead with installing it.

Image titled install LinkedIn app Step 4

What to Do on Opening LinkedIn?

Well, firstly, you need to sign up using your mail ID or phone number. If possible, make sure you use a different mail and phone number for professional purposes. After that, you might be asked for verification. Complete the login process. Now what?

Well, now you need to create your profile. You will be asked basic information one by one. Starting with the country and state you live in. Then it will ask about your latest job role or if you are a student.

You can add your job details there. You can even add a title if you're currently looking for a job or are open to working.

What Next?

Well, initially it will help you search for relevant jobs in your preferred location. But do not mistake this platform for being a mere job search portal. Here, you can actually build relations with the drivers of the jobs and industries.

You can search for people you know from school, college, work. If they are on LinkedIn, connect with them and know about their professional life. If they are in the same field as you, you can talk about it and get knowledge from each other.

Keep connecting with people who are good at LinkedIn, posting consistently, and the ones who give some actual value.

You might be thinking why LinkedIn if I am connecting with knowns only? Well, you begin connecting with knowns and then expand your network. This is a platform where you can initiate professional talks unlike other platforms bent towards more personal stories and content. So, install LinkedIn app and get going.

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