How to Cancel LinkedIn Request

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You might have installed LinkedIn application and will be learning its nitty-gritty. In that, you may have sent connection requests in bulk. However, you can cancel LinkedIn request if sent wrongly!

  • You might have sent a request to a wrong person.
  • You might have got confused in names and surnames and sent the request wrongly.
  • Or there's a chance you sent a request to a person who isn't of your industry. Or does not seem to be in line with your LinkedIn goals.
  • You sent a request to someone a long time ago and they haven't yet approved it.
  • In all such situations, you can cancel the request and withdraw it with the help of this guide.

How to Withdraw All Pending Invitation From LinkedIn

Cancel LinkedIn Request in 6 Steps

Step-1 Open LinkedIn App: Firstly, all you have to do is go to the application. You sent the request from the platform. So, it is but natural that you can cancel it from there itself.

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Step-2 Go to My Network: On opening the application, you see the feed. The posts shared by the people in your network along with some sponsored ads. At the bottom of the page, there are a few icons. The second icon from the left is of 'My Network.' Its icon shows two people's symbolic figures. Click on that.

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Step-3 Click on Invitation: Under the page of 'My Network', there are mainly two options. The first one is 'Manage my Network', and the second one is of 'Invitations.' LinkedIn requests are a form of invitations that you send to others. Invitation to connect with you. So, click on the option of invitations.

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Step-4 Click on Sent Option: Here, there are two categories. Received and Sent. To cancel LinkedIn request that you have sent, click on the category of sent.

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Step-5 Click on Withdraw Option: Here, you will see the list of requests that you have sent but are not accepted yet. Besides each of them, there is an option of withdrawing. Click on that option to cancel LinkedIn request.

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Step-6 Confirm the Dialogue Box: There will be a dialogue box popping up in front of you. If you are sure of canceling the request, click on withdraw and your task will be done.

Image Titled Cancel LinkedIn Request Step 6

Will the Other Person get Notified of Withdrawl of Request?

No, the other person does not get a specific notification when you withdraw the connection request sent to them.

However, your request will no more be there in their 'Received' section of invitations.

If they keep a check on the requests received and accepted on a daily basis, then they might get an idea that someone has unsent it.

Does it Look Unprofessional?

If the person you sent the request to has taken days to respond to it then it makes them unprofessional. If they didn't want to connect, they have an option to decline your request.

It may so happen that they might not be using LinkedIn anymore. In that case, too, it is good to withdraw the request. It does not seem unprofessional.

It is very good and healthy to keep a check on your connections and requests. Thus, you must be conscious about who you are engaging with. To ensure more privacy, you can also turn off LinkedIn chat.

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