How to Stop Receiving LinkedIn Invitations

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We know LinkedIn communications via mail and in-app notifications can be a lot to take. So, we are here to guide you regarding how to stop receiving LinkedIn invitations. When there is some event, or a workshop, or seminar happening, your friends can invite you to join that. They might even send you an invite to subscribe to a newsletter.

They can be useful at times but when your mailbox starts filling up, what to do? So, get rid of them somehow. We are here to answer how, so don't worry. You can even try to stop receiving LinkedIn birthday notifications.

How To Stop Receiving LinkedIn Invitations From Pages & Events

Stop Receiving LinkedIn Invitations in 6 Steps

Step-1 Open the Application: You can stop the invites from the LinkedIn app itself. So, open the application first.

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Step-2 Tap on Your Profile: Go to the profile icon to access the settings menu.

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Step-3 Tap on Settings: You see the settings option here. Click on that so that you can stop receiving LinkedIn invitations.

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Step-4 Tap on Communications: Invites are a type of communication that your network has with you. So, click on the communications option that is before the data privacy option.

  • You would read 'controls for emails, invites, and notifications' below communications.
  • Thus, you are at the right place and going on the right path.
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Step-5 Tap on Invitations from Your Network: Under the communications option, the first section is about notifications. However, we are looking to stop invitations, so scroll down.

  • The second section is about who can reach you. Under that section itself, the second option is of 'invitations from your network.'
  • Click on that so you can go ahead with stopping invitations.
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Step-6 Turn it Off: There are various categories under invitations. Read them and turn off the ones you do not want. You can even turn off all of them, that's completely okay too.

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What are Different Invitations and How They Help?

The first is page invitations. Just like there are pages on Facebook and people invite you to like them. Similarly, your LinkedIn connections can send you page invites of products, businesses, companies, and alike. If you want to keep discovering new pages on LinkedIn, keep it on, or else, turn it off.

The second is event invitations. You must be aware of various events that take place online in the digital era. Your connections might send you an invite to such online events. Some are promotional while the others are for knowledge and learning. If you want to attend online events, keep this on.

Lastly, newsletter subscription invites. Newsletters can be a good source of information collected in a single place. But it really depends on whose newsletter you subscribe to. So, if you keep receiving nonsense newsletters invitations, turn this off too.

What More?

Have you heard of LinkedIn Sales Navigator? If not, install LinkedIn sales navigator. It helps you with getting leads. And not just leads for business or products, you can get leads for your freelance services too. So try it and see how it benefits you.

LinkedIn is a huge platform giving many benefits if you know how to avoid unnecessary notifications and invites and see the right thing. There is also an application of LinkedIn learning that helps you in gaining extra knowledge about your professional fields.

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