How to Turn off Read Receipt On LinkedIn

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Do you not want to respond to someone immediately? Then turn off read receipts LinkedIn. This will help you to keep up the pace at which you see your messages and respond to them. LinkedIn is a great platform. However, it has its drawbacks. People sometimes use it for promotions and sending messages for reviews, services, products, and so on. You might not want to respond to them at all.

In such a situation, if you cannot turn off LinkedIn chat, it's better to at least turn off the read receipts.

How to Turn Off or On LinkedIn Messaging Read Receipts

Turn off Read receipt in LinkedIn in 6 Steps

Step-1 Open LinkedIn App: This setting can be easily done from the LinkedIn application itself. So, open it on your device.

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Step-2 Click on Your Account: From the top-left corner, click on your tiny profile picture to go ahead with the process.

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Step-3 Go to Settings: Now, from here, you need to go inside the settings menu. All different options to control your profile and activity on LinkedIn can be accessed from here.

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Step-4 Click on Communication: Under that, you need to go to the communications tab. Messaging experience is a part of communication itself. So, click on it.

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Step-5 Read Receipt and Typing Indicators: Now, there are three main categories under the communications tab. The third one is of the 'Messaging Experience.' Under that, you will find an option of 'Read Receipts and Typing Indicators.' Click on that to reach the final step of the process.

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Step-6 Turn Off Read Receipt: From here, you can turn off read receipt LinkedIn. There's only one on/off button here. So, there is no confusion as to which one to keep on and which to turn off.

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What Are Read Receipts?

Read receipts are the double ticks that you get when someone reads your message, or when you read someone's message. It is just like those blue ticks on WhatsApp indicating that the receiver has read the message. Now, you can hide blue ticks in WhatsApp too just as we did on LinkedIn.

What is the Use of Turning Off Read Receipts?

Well, it is pretty clear that you do not want the sender to know that you have read the message. With this, you can either choose to not respond or respond later. When the read receipts are off, you are not obliged to respond to someone immediately.

Will They Realize I Have Turned Off Read Receipts and Haven't Responded?

They will surely know that your read receipts are off. If your last active status is on over LinkedIn platform, then they can have an idea that you did come online but did not reply. However, it is completely okay to do that. People keep sending spam messages. And it is completely okay to avoid that. You can also stop receiving LinkedIn invitations if they keep bothering you a lot!

Does it Look Unprofessional?

You are on the platform of LinkedIn for a reason, right? So, you decide how to behave and act on the platform. You decide how you show up on the platform. Thus, it is not unprofessional to take your time in responding to people you connect over LinkedIn. Just don't be rude here. If you do not want to chat or connect with someone, specify it clearly!

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