How to Stop LinkedIn Spam Emails

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Has your mail inbox filled up with LinkedIn notifications? And clearing them is no use as you keep receiving them every day, right? So, stop LinkedIn spam emails, that are the unnecessary ones flooding your inbox. Why would you do that?

  • Well, so that you do not miss a job opportunity mail in the cluster of birthday emails.
  • So that you do not forget to respond to a prospective client just because you couldn't see it in the pile of invites and events mails.
  • To keep your inbox tidy, organized, and viewing only the important things daily.

So, how should you do that? Let's get going with the steps.

How To Stop Getting SPAM Invitations on Linkedin

Stop LinkedIn Spam Emails in 7 Quick Steps

Step-1 Open LinkedIn Application: Well, you do not have to do anything from Gmail directly. The root cause of spamming your inbox with emails is LinkedIn, so open the LinkedIn application.

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Step-2 Tap on Profile: You need to open the account and profile settings. You can access them from the tiny profile icon that you see at the top left corner. Click on that.

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Step-3 Tap on Settings: Just beside the view profile option, you see the settings option. As we are looking to stop LinkedIn spam emails, this option takes us further to do that.

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Step-4 Tap on Communications: In the list of varied settings, there is one of communications. Firstly, go to the communications tab and after that, we can go ahead with stopping spam mails.

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Step-5 Tap on Email: From the communications tab, you can control all types of communication that LinkedIn does in-app and on mail. To stop LinkedIn spam emails, click on the emails option.

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Step-6 Select the Type of Email: Now, there are various categories of emails that you receive. Conversational, job updates, recruiter updates, groups, events, invites, birthdays, news, and alike.

  • You need to choose which type of emails you want to stop receiving.
  • Click on that specific category of mails that you want to get rid of.
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Step-7 Turn them Off: Under each category, you see various options and types of mails. Each has a turn on/off button along. Turn off the ones that you don't want.

  • Under each category, there will be many options. You can either turn off that specific category by turning off the 'all profile' option.
  • Or you can go under each category and turn off the specific ones only.
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What is Preferable, Turning off all or Just Selected Ones?

Well, if you turn off all, you might miss out on something important. This happens because they are clubbed into categories. For example, if you turn off all notifications from the network category, you will not receive reminders about events, invites, too along with birthday ones.

Instead, you can just stop LinkedIn birthday notifications or anniversary notifications. When you turn off individual categories, you get the power to choose which ones to keep and which ones to stop. Thus, your emails from LinkedIn are customized just for you.

So, try doing this and feel the relaxation of not receiving lots of unwanted emails every day.

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