How to Stop a LinkedIn Invite

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Tired of receiving LinkedIn invites? Then follow this guide to stop a LinkedIn invite. When you get on LinkedIn and start connecting with people, you get more and more invites. Invites of events, seminars, online sessions, invite to follow, join, connect, and alike. However, all those invite mails and notifications can confuse you.

You might forget to see some important invite or response of a recruiter on your job application in all this mess. So, it is important to learn these steps.

How To Stop Receiving LinkedIn Invitations From Pages & Events

Stop a LinkedIn Invite in 6 Steps

Step-1 Open LinkedIn Application: The path to answering the question and confusion lies in the application itself. So, open LinkedIn on your mobile device. If you do not have it or have removed it by mistake, install LinkedIn app and Login into your existing account.

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Step-2 Tap on Your Profile: Every application has a section from where all the settings can be managed. For LinkedIn, you can access it from the tiny profile icon present at the top left corner. So, go ahead and tap on it.

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Step-3 Open Settings: Now, you just have to go to the settings menu before the real game of stopping invites starts.

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Step-4 Tap on Communications: You want to stop LinkedIn invites, right? That's the communication permission which is by default given to LinkedIn when you create your account. Go to the menu of communications to move further with the process.

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Step-5 Who can Reach You: Inside the communications, the second category is of 'who can reach you.' There are three different types of Invitations that you receive on LinkedIn.

  • The first one is Invite to Connect. Under that, you will find three options. You can tick the one that you feel fit for your usage patterns.
  • Secondly, it is Invitations from your Network. This means from the people who are directly or mutually connected with you. Under that too, there are three options. You can stop receiving LinkedIn invitations and turn them off accordingly.
  • The third one after messages is research Invites. Read its description and then decide whether you want it on or off.
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Step-6 Off the Required Ones: Now, as discussed above, you must read what all invitations are and how they help you or disturb you. Keep them on or turn them off. Make sure you do not turn off some important kind of notification. Certain invites are really good and can help you grow in your professional journey. So, be careful.

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Tips to Grow on LinkedIn

Once you stop LinkedIn spam emails, the application starts feeling good and useful. Now, how to use that?

  • Well, firstly, create a proper profile. Not just for job seeking, but for actually growing.
  • Add important projects, achievements, volunteering work, courses learned, and alike.
  • Make sure your profile picture is appropriate to your professional goals and level. This is not an app for modeling photos. Simple, real, basic, normal picture.
  • You can also use the feature of setting up a cover photo.
  • Your Bio should be up to the mark and reflect who you are, what work you do, and your key skills.
  • Learn about optimizing LinkedIn profile and you will be able to get going in no time.
  • Make real connections with people over the platform and keep interacting through posts, messages, or stories.

You do not need to dive too much into LinkedIn but dipping your legs a bit will benefit you only. So, use it according to your needs and stay updated.

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