How to Turn Off Dark Mode on LinkedIn App

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You might be using dark mode on your device and due to that LinkedIn could be dark too. It is possible that you changed it to dark mode and now want to get back to the light one. Well, here you will learn how to turn off LinkedIn dark mode. It is very easy and quick. So, let us dive right in!

How to Enable or Disable Dark Mode on LinkedIn

Turn Off LinkedIn Dark Mode in 6 Steps

Here is a step-by-step guide to making your professional space of LinkedIn brighter and lighter.

Step-1 Open LinkedIn Application: On your mobile device, open the installed LinkedIn app. It is a very helpful application to grow and explore your professional reach.

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Step-2 Tap on Profile Icon: If you have been using LinkedIn, you must be accustomed to its feed. It has a message box on the right corner and a profile icon on the left. In between, there's a search bar to search for potential clients and people you might know.

  • To turn off LinkedIn dark mode, you need to go to the settings.
  • But before that, you need to click on the little profile icon in the left corner.
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Step-3 Open Settings: I am sure you know where to go next. The settings option is in front of you now, so click on that.

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Step-4 Tap on Account Preferences: Under the settings menu, the first option is Account Preferences. That is your answer to go ahead. As you want to change how the LinkedIn account looks for you, this is the option to click.

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Step-5 Display Category: Just under the account preferences, there's a category of the display. Under that, you will find an option of Dark Mode. What are you waiting for? Click on that and get going. You are almost there.

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Step-6 Select Light Mode: After clicking on the dark mode option, LinkedIn asks, 'choose how your LinkedIn experience looks for this device.' It gives you three options. To turn off LinkedIn dark mode, select the last option of light mode.

Thus, your LinkedIn will change from dark to light. Pretty simple, isn't it?

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What Difference Does the Mode Make?

Changing mode does not make any difference to the performance of your LinkedIn profile and activity. The mode is just for you. The difference it makes is for your vision and eyesight. Some people might find a dark mode to be stressing their eyes, so they prefer the light one.

It completely depends on how you are comfortable with your device. So, don't worry. No mode will alter anything that others see on your LinkedIn profile. Keep a mode that suits you and is easy on your eyes.

I want to Use LinkedIn but It's Too Many Notifications!

There is always a solution for everything. You can easily stop receiving LinkedIn invitations and notifications. And it doesn't mean you will lose out on every kind of notification. To clarify further, you can customize the invitations and notifications accordingly. Thus, keep the ones you want to receive as on and off all the other ones.

It is a good application once you find your way around it. You just need to understand how you can use it for your benefit without getting distracted. So, keep learning, find your way, and whenever you stumble, go through our guides for suggestions and steps.

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