How to Apply for Widow Pension in Delhi

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There are various women in India who depends totally on their husbands. Most of these are housewives and fulfills the responsibility as a partner by taking care of the home while other partner looks for the finances. 

Due to any mishappening, death of husband takes place then it would be difficult for the wife to manage their household expenses. In the bigger cities like Delhi, it becomes even more difficult to manage their expenses. 

For this government had introduced a small help in the form of widow pension Delhi to meet their expenses. 

Which Women Could be Benefited with Widow Pension Delhi Scheme? 

All the women who are separated from their husbands in any way such as widow, abandoned, separated, divorced as well as deserted women. 

There are various women who got separated from their husband due to different reasons. It becomes difficult to meet the basic need of having food. So these women get a small help from the government. 

Criteria for Widow Pension Delhi Though women are separated from their husband for any reason are eligible for this benefit. But there are certain restrictions added to this scheme such as – 

1. Women should have attained the age of 18 years while they got married. Those married earlier and now separated by their husband would not be eligible under this scheme. 

2. Women should not be working or having any other pension. 

3. Women should belong to the low-income group and in the need for the financial help. 

How Much is the Pension? 

Earlier the amount of pension for the women is Rs 1500/-, it had been increased by the government further by Rs 1000/- in the month of January 2017. 

Now the widow pension Delhi is Rs 2500/-. 

How to Apply for Widow Pension Delhi? 

This pension could not be filled online so the beneficiaries need to fill the form by the offline method for filling the form. Following are the steps for the widow pension Delhi – 

1) Foremost the beneficiary need to obtain the application form. The form could be obtained in the district office or even from online through their website or through link

2) Once the form is obtained, fill the form and paste the passport size photo on the form. 

3) Bank details need to be provided in the form as all the widow pension is transferred in the bank account directly. 

4) Women need to sign the form and submit the same in Department of women and child development. 

5) Along with the form some documents needs to be submitted with the form – 

1. Resident proof 

2. Age proof 

3. Copy of bank passbook 

4. If the women is having a disability then need to provide the disability certificate. 

5. Death certificate of husband 

6. For mental illness, the certificate needs to be furnished 

7. When the form gets submitted then it will move for verification. 

8. Once verification is successful then pension will get started. This is a scheme which is a very good initiative by the government which helps women to meet the basic necessities of the life. 

This financial help had helped various women in solving various problems of their life.

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