How To Check and Pay Delhi Traffic Police Challan online

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Learn how to check and pay Delhi traffic police challan online with this article. There is always a penalty when you break a certain rule. Traffic rules are followed strictly due to safety purposes. Now to avoid any further charges. You must make your registered driving licence. And if you haven't made it yet. Then check how to apply for a driving licence online in Delhi. Let's look at the steps to clear the challan of Delhi traffic police challan.

delhi traffic police challan payment online

Check And Pay Delhi Traffic Police Challan Online With 9 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open the website Get your hands on your Andriod phone and open it.

  • Next, find a browser to search a website.
  • You need to search a website called Delhi traffic
  • Lastly, open the website on your screen.
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Step-2 Enter your vehicle number or the notice number:On the homepage of the website. Enter your vehicle number correctly. Or else you can enter the notice number too.

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Step-3 Tap on search details: The next move is to tap on search details.

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Step-4 Enter the OTP sent to your registered mobile number: Before getting your detail, you need to enter the OTP. The OTP is sent on your registered mobile number.

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Step-5 All the challan details will be visible here. Now, click on pay to pay the challan: Now your challan details will be visible on the screen. Here you have to click on 'pay now' in front of the challan you want to pay.

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Step-6 Click yes: A pop-up message will appear asking you sure to pay. Here you have to tap on yes.

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Step-7 Select the payment gateway: Now select the payment gateway as per your convenience. Tap on select to choose an option.

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Step-8 Enter the verification code and hit continue: Here type the verification code correctly. Then hit continue.

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Step-9 Select your payment method, enter the details of it and Click submit: Lastly, choose the payment method. Next enter the details correctly. Then click on submit.

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Cna You Pay Your Delhi Traffic Police Challen Through Credit Card?

Yes, you can easily pay your challan using your credit cards. The process is to just select the credit card while paying the challan amount online. Hence, your challan amount will be deducted from your credit card.

Do You Have To Visit the Court For Traffic Challan of Delhi?

Yes, sometimes for certain traffic challans you need to go to court. However, it is not mandatory for all the challans. You can check the challan status with the help of the above steps. Then you will know if you have to pay the challan or appear in the court of Delhi.

Can You Make A Duplicate Licence In Delhi?

Yes, you can obtain a duplicate driving license in Delhi. However, this duplicate license is issued only when you have lost the original driving license. So you must have an original driving license to get a duplicate license. Otherwise, you have to first apply for a driving license in Delhi.

Challan is a notice that states that you have done an offense of the rules of traffic. These challans are in the form of a receipt which bears your name and charges you the fee you have to for breaking the rules of traffic. So next time you see a traffic police officer beware of breaking any rule of traffic.

Today we are going to explain how to check online your Delhi Traffic Police Challan on the Delhi traffic police website.





Another Method

The Delhi Police now have given the facility of checking your Delhi traffic police challan status online. Not only that you can pay the fee online also. Let’s have a look at the process-

Steps to Check and Pay Delhi Traffic Police challan online

Step 1- First go to the home page of the Delhi traffic police website to check the Delhi Traffic Police challan online. delhi traffic police website

Step 2- Now click on Pending notices in the drop-down menu on Delhi traffic police website. Delhi traffic police number

Step 3- After this, a page will appear at which you will find a box in which you have to fill in your vehicle no.

Delhi Traffic Police challan

Step 4- After filling with vehicle no. click on the search button. pay traffic challan online delhi Step 5- After that, you will find your vehicle’s Delhi Traffic Police challan status. With the help of credit card/ debit card/ net banking, you can pay the e-challan. Delhi Traffic Police challan

Delhi Traffic Police Number

Traffic Helpline - 25844444/1095

Complaint against TSR/Taxi- 56767

SMS service/traffic alerts- 9811452220

Women helpline-1091

North East People Helpline- 1093

Senior Citizen Helpline – 1291

Guidelines to avoid the possibility of challan- The following guidelines are given on the Delhi Traffic Police Website, which will keep you safe as well as keep you far from challan situations. Have a look-

  • If you are driving a vehicle keep your license and the copies of the vehicle paper with you.
  • The first thing to remember if you are driving a four-wheeler is to put up your seat belt.
  • Please take care that the children 14 or above 14 are wearing their seat belts.
  • Always follow the traffic rules and signs. It will also help you to avoid accidents.
  • Never mix drink and drive or never drive under any kind of drug consumption.
  • Always use vehicle indicators and signs properly.
  • Never cross the speed limit.
  • If you have weak eyesight then always wear your spectacles.
  • Never overload your vehicle because it will increase the chances of an accident.
  • Be alert for the people on the pedestrian.
  • If handicapped, ladies, children, or senior citizens are crossing the road let them cross first.
  • Try to avoid sudden brakes and fast driving.
  • If you are tired never risk driving a long journey.
  • If you are feeling sleepy then try not to drive and rest at a safe place.
  • Take breaks of 10-15 mins after every two hours if your journey is a long way.
  • The child lock must be put on while children are in the car.
  • A child should not be seated behind the rear seat or behind the driving seat only if it is a special child seat.

Hope, the above guide, helps you to check and pay Delhi Traffic Police challan online. Still, do you have any questions? you can ask in the below Comment box.

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