How to Recharge Delhi Metro (DMRC) Card Online

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Who has not heard of Delhi Metro? This has become one of the most convenient and preferable modes of transport. People have become adapt of it in their daily life routine. Daily tonnes of people travel in Delhi Metro. 

For Daily passenger the facility of the metro card is available. You can recharge it from any metro station and use it until its amount gets zero. But the Delhi metro has announced that now you can recharge metro card online through DMRC online recharge website. 

So, today we are going to tell you the process of online metro card recharge. Have a look-

DMRC online recharge

delhi metro online recharge

Step 1- Go to the official site of Delhi metro. Click on this link.

dmrc metro card recharge

Step 2- Then the home page of Delhi metro official site will appear. There you will see ‘Quick Top Up’ option on the right side of the page. Fill the following details in the boxes there-

dmrc online

  • Card ID no. You can find this no. at the back side of you metro card.
  • You have to fill the numbers and images from the image given there.

Then click on the ‘continue’ option.

Step 3- The next page will be opened, where the payment options are there. At that page, the following things will be given-

dmrc card recharge

  • Your card number and the amount that you have entered at the previous page.
  • Your email address. It is mandatory because after successful execution of recharge you will receive an email stating that.
  • The payment option-
  1. Debit card.
  2. Credit card.
  3. Net banking.

Then click on the option ‘check out’.

Step 4- Then the next page will be opened where you have to fill the details of the mode of payment. For example- you have selected the debit card option then you have to fill the following details there-

dmrc online recharge

  • Card type.
  • Card no.
  • Name on the card.
  • CVV no.(the last three digit numbers on the back side)

Then click on the option ‘Pay the INR’. Just after that, you will receive an email of online metro card recharge successfully done.

Step 5- After that go to the ‘AVM’ at the metro station.  It is a kind of machine. First select the option ‘top up’.

online metro card recharge

Step 6- Place your card at the machine. All your metro card details will appear there-

delhi metro app

  • Product type.
  • Deposit
  • Top up amount.
  • Last transaction.
  • Is your card is available to top up or not?

Step 7- If it is available for online metro card recharge then click on the option ‘valid’.


Step 8- At the next page the following detail will appear-

dmrc card recharge

  • Balance successfully recharged.
  • Product type.
  • End of validity
  • Status of online metro card recharge.

If you want to see the video demo of all the above details you can visit the official site of Delhi Metro.

DMRC online recharge Demonstration- Video

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