How to Pay online Bill of MTNL Delhi

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With the fast and growing technology now you can not only pay your electricity bill but also your telephone bills. MTNL- Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited is a telecommunication service provider in Delhi and Mumbai. Today we are going to tell you how to pay your MTNL bill online. Have a look on step by step process-

MTNL Delhi Bill Payment

Step 1- first go to google and type ‘pay MTNL bill online in Delhi’ or you can simply click on this link which is the official site of MTNL Delhi mtnl delhi bill payment

Step 2- at the homepage you will find the many options. What you to do, go to the top options at the page there you will find an option ‘Landline bill payment’. Click on that option. mtnl delhi bill payment

Step 3- You will find the option e-registration. For paying the online bill you have to register yourself for e-billing. Click on that option. mtnl delhi bill payment

Step 4- A page will be opened where you have to fill your personal details like the following-

  • Customer Title,
  • First Name
  • Last name,
  • Mobile number,
  • Email,
  • User ID,
  • Password,
  • Confirm Password,
  • Customer account number,
  • Telephone Number,
  • Receive Bills in Email- Yes or No. tick on the checkbox.

mtnl delhi bill payment 

After filling all these details click on submit option. You are registered now for e-bill. 

Steps 5- Now click on the landline bill payment option and you will see a page where you have to fill your telephone number, CA number, and email id. Then click on proceed option. mtnl delhi bill payment

Step 6- At the next page, you will find a list of your bills like the due bills and paid bills. Now click on the bill option which is due and you want to pay online. 

Step 7- The next page you will be given an option pay through debit/credit card or through net banking. Choose with which you are comfortable. 

Step 8- After your successful transaction, you will get full details of your e-billing. The bill no. series no. telephone no. transaction no. the amount paid and bill date. 

Step 9- There is an option of print your e-receipt if you want a hard copy of your bill paid proof. Click on the option and a page will be opened. 

Step 10- At the page, you have to fill the telephone no. Customer account no. and the payment confirmation no. click on the option submit. 

Step 11- A list of all the bills paid will appear and just click on the e-receipt you want to print and make sure the printer is connected to the system.

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