How to Apply Online for Delhi Police Verification Certificate

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That were an old time when you worried about how to get police verification certificate needed for passport or visa or job, but now it is as easy as a cake walk. Now we are going to explain step by step procedure to get Delhi police verification certificate. With the online facility of getting police verification certificate now no need of long awaited time of process completion. Here is complete guide for Delhi police verification certificate-

Step 1- First go to the official website of Delhi Police. Delhi police verification certificate

Step 2- At the middle of the page, you will see an option of "Citizen Services". Click on that option. delhi police verification

Step 3- Next page will open. Click on "Tenant Registration" icon. delhi police verification

Step 4- Go for registration by clicking on "Create an account" option. delhi police verification

Step 5- A page will be opened where you have to fill the following details for new registration-

  • User type- Individual or organization.
  • Name-
  • Email id-
  • Password-
  • Confirm password-
  • Mobile no.
  • Fill the number or alphabets of the given image in the box.

After fill, all the details click on the option ‘Sign Up’.

Step 6- Once you get registered on the site then go to the login page. Fill your username, password and the given code in the box and click on login.

Step 7- An application form will be opened to the next page. The following details will be mandatory for Delhi police verification-

  • Name-
  • S/s,D/o or W/o-
  • Date of birth-
  • Address-
  • District-
  • Police Station-
  • Mobile number-
  • Email id-
  • PCC type-Embassy and Private.

For Embassy, you have to add following more details-

  • Embassy name-
  • Embassy address-
  • Passport no.-
  • Issuing date-
  • Expiry date-

For Job, you have to add following more details-

  • Organization Name-
  • Organization address-

Step 8- Select a passport size picture of your and upload.

Step 9- Select a photo of residential proof like driving license or voter id or telephone bill or electricity bill and upload.

Step 10- Select the photo of the letter of the agency required PCC and upload.

Step 11- After filling all the details click on save and check your all details. Change if any required.

Step 12- Then click on ‘Pay now’ option. A page will be opened asking your payment method-debit/credit- visa or master card.

Step 13- Select an option and on the next page, you have to fill the following details related to your card-

  • Card Number-
  • Expiry date-
  • Purchased amount-

Then click on pay now.

Step 14- After this, a message will appear which will state that your transaction is successful and your Delhi police verification will be received by you within 7 working days for emigration or within 21 working days for the private job.

Step 15- A receipt will appear on your screen with all the details of your successful transaction.

Step 16- you can print the e-receipt and can also check the PCC status.

Step 17- Your email id will also have a copy of e-receipt.

Step 18- Once your Delhi police verification certificate issued then you can download it. Fee- For individuals – 250 rupees and for the organization- 500 rupees.


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