How to Register Online FIR in Delhi Police

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In Delhi police, online FIR (first information report) services started. The purpose of launching Delhi police online FIR services is to reduce the time to go to the police station and lodge FIR. Not only the website but the android mobile app was also launched.

It was launched by Union Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde in 2015. The response of the people is very good for this service.

5 FIRs were lodged in the very first day of launching e-FIR. This e-FIR can be lodged against lost of the article or any document and theft of a vehicle.

However, the service of e-FIR of theft of a vehicle is launched later. Today we will Guide you how to lodge an e-FIR (first information report) in Delhi Police through the website.

Delhi Police Online FIR (first information report)

1. Visit Official Website- Go to Delhi Police Official website . This is the official site of Delhi Police. The websites home page will be open.

2. Click on Citizen Services- At the home page multiple options will be there like helpline no., lost report, Women safety app, Police clearance certificate, Character verification report. For Delhi police online FIR registration click on "Citizen Services" options, in the middle of the page. delhi-police-online-fir-registration

3. Click on Lost & Found options

Delhi Police Online FIR

4. Select Lost article Report

Delhi Police Online FIR

5. Registration- Below the ‘Lost Article Report,’ four options given-

1. Retrieve

2. Register

3. Search found articles

4. FAQ.

Select the second option ‘Register’. fir-register-delhi-police

4. Fill the registration form- A whole new page will open for Delhi police online FIR registration. You have to fill up the blanks with your personal details as well as your lost article’s details. The following options will be there-

online fir for lost mobile

  • Complainant’s Name- Fill the name of the person who wants to lodge the E-FIR.
  • Father’s/Mother’s Name- Fill the complainant’s parents name.
  • Complainant’s Address- Where the complainant is residing (Required full address).
  • Complainant’s Mobile number- Complainant’s working mobile number.
  • Complainant’s email ID- it will be needed because a copy of your e-FIR will be sent to you via email for verification.
  • Place of Loss in Delhi- Fill the particular details about where your article was lost in Delhi.
  • Date of Loss- If you don’t know the date, then you fill it with a guess but the filling of month and year is mandatory.
  • Time of Loss- If you remembered the time of loss then fill it. However, it is not mandatory.
  • Lost Articles- Fill the name of the article you have lost.
  • Description- The basic details of the lost article.
  • ADD- by clicking on ADD the details will be attached in the file.
  • Any Other Details- Any other specific detail you want to highlight then fill it in this blank.

Note- You can add 10 items at one time in one report. 5. Enter captcha code- Fill the Code given after all the above details.

online fir delhi police for sim

6. Submit the details- Recheck the details and click ‘Submit’ button.

7. Receive your hard copy of e-FIR by mail- Now check your email ID. you will receive a copy of your e-FIR in PDF form in your inbox. Take a print out of that report. E-FIR Covers- the Delhi police online FIR (first information report) registration covers the following or you can lodge e-FIR against the loss of following articles-

  • Wallet/Purse
  • Passport
  • PAN card
  • Aadhar card
  • Driving License
  • School or college mark sheet etc.

If you want to file FIR in any other city except Delhi. Now you can File online FIR in many cities all over India.

Delhi Police FIR - Mobile App

Delhi police lunch android app and iPhone App for register online FIR. The name of Delhi police mobile app is “Delhi Police Lost Reportdelhi police mobile app

The complainant has to provide the following details :
  1. Complainant's Name, Father's/Mother's Name, Address, Mobile No, Email ID, Place of Loss in Delhi, Date of Loss, Time of loss (optional)
  1. Lost Article(s) with Description (up-to 10)
  2. Brief of complaint.
  3. On lodging of Lost Report (after clicking register button), complaint will get LR no. and other details prompt of lodging the report with Delhi Police with option of View/Download and Save/Exit.
  4. In case saved, complainant can retrieve it in future by clicking the retrieve button.
  5. On prompt complainant will also get link to generate and view the report.
  6. Any agency or an individual has an option to verify the authenticity of the report, by entering the LR no by visiting the website of Delhi Police i.e.
  7. To Access this application, users should have proper data / WiFi connection to

Things to be noted- As the below things are topic to concern for you. These points can be seen on the official site of Delhi police which is

  • Beware of registered a false report. It is clearly mentioned on the official site Delhi Police that it will be punishable.
  • Only lost, theft kind of reports will be registered if a crime like murder is held, for this, you have to go to your nearest police station.
  • The website will cover only Delhi and the NCR region’s complaints.

Contacts- All the contacts way operated under Commissioner of Police of Delhi. At the Website, you will see the option contact us at the right top of the site. There are two way to get in contacts.

First is via email- A page will be opened where it will be said ‘Email us at’. This email address is provided by the Delhi police. At the page, three things will be asked-

Your name.

Your email address

Your contact no.

Comments/ Suggestions/Complaints/Appreciations.

Secondly is via phone. A complete telephone directory is given on the link of Delhi Police. You will find a ‘select’ option at the right top. When you will click on that, the entire department's list will be given. Select any of the department. All the telephone numbers of officers and other staff will be given there.

For example-

Office/Police Station Telephone No. Fax No.
ADDL CP, ANTI CORRUPTION 91-11-23812907 91-11-23812922
ACP/ACB 91-11-23812917  
DCP/ACB 91-11-23812916  
SO ADDL CP/ACB 91-11-23812913, 23812923  
ACP/ACB Admin 91-11-23812920  
SHO/ACB 91-11-23812914  
PA ADDL. CP/ACB 91-11-23812907, 23812922  
Duty Officer 91-11-23812905, 23812906  
Vigilance (Anti Corruption Helpline ) 1064  
Sending Audio and Video Clips 9910641064  


  • There is also one more email address which will directly connect you with the Commissioner of Police that is

FIR Search- At the home page of Delhi Police website, you will find the option Delhi police fir view at below side of ‘contact us’. After clicking on that, one new page will open. From that page, you can search your FIR (first information report) online.

A complete record is maintained by CCTNS- Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and System. The given options will find there-

  • District- Fill the name of your District.
  • Year- The year in which you had lodged the FIR (first information report).
  • FIR Date.
  • Police station.
  • FIR number.
  • Select the complainant option.
  • Then select ‘search’.

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By this, you can check your e-FIR status. The details like FIR number of your e-FIR will be contained in that PDF copy which was sent to your email id at the time of online FIR registration.

Delhi Police Online FIR - Video

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