How to Travel Safely in Delhi Metro

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Delhi metro has become a daily means of commuting for the regular Delhiite. Earlier the place was taken by DTC buses that ran across the city overloaded. But after metro came people haven’t looked back since then. There are many reasons for that. Metros have made travel a lot more comfortable. 

Providing cooling in hot summer and warmth in chilly winters has made it a five-star experience for the daily users. 

It is cheaper than the autos and safer than the recklessly driven busses. Like everything else it also has its pros and cons. 

Recently a concern of women’s safety has arise while traveling in metro. There are a few ways in which women can travel safely in metro.

How to Travel in Delhi Metro

Tips to Travel Safely in Delhi Metro

Travel in Ladies’ Compartment Metro has made a special compartment for ladies and men are not allowed to board that. This in many ways help women in being safe and secure. 

Carry Self-Defense Equipment Despite travelling in women’s coach if you travel in odd hours especially during nights when the metro is quite empty, carry pocket pepper spray or other safety equipment for women. 

Speak Up If you ever feel unsafe speak up against it. Your fellow passengers can only help you if you speak up. 

Request for the Seat  If you board the general compartment at times it can be too crowded. If it is making you uncomfortable you can request for the seat reversed for ladies from the seated passengers. 

Knowledge is Key If the safety conditions bother you or make you hesitant in taking the metro then talk to the officials. Let them know your concern and ask them how you can deal with unwanted situations.

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