How to Register in Employment Exchange Online in Delhi

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Good news for the unemployed person. Now you can take benefit of Delhi government initiative called "Employment exchange". Employment exchange is portal develop by Delhi Government to help unemployed persons who want to get a job. 

Only you have do is register your self on the Employment exchange portal. Whenever any suitable job will available you will get alert for that. Follow the step by step simple guide to register for Employment exchange.

Employment Exchange Delhi

Step 1: Go to the official site of Delhi Government for the employment registration in Delhi.

Employment Exchange Delhi  

Step 2: At the home page you will see the option "new registration" click on the third option- New registration.

employment exchange delhi

Step 3: At the next page you will see a form where you have to fill the basic details about you. The required details are following. Take care to fill the red stared box they are mandatory.


Basic Information-

  • Name- first, middle and last name.
  • Father’s name,
  • Mother’s name,
  • Date of birth,
  • Gender,
  • Urban/rural,
  • Marital status,
  • Religion,
  • if you are from SC/ST/OBC then fill the certificate number and issued by.
  • Any disability,
  • Ex-serviceman,
  • Priority admissible to ex-service personnel,

Declaration regarding physical fitness-

  • Eyesight,
  • Height in cms.
  • Weight in Kgs.
  • Chest in cms.

Correspondence address-

  • Address,
  • Locality,
  • State,
  • Pin,
  • Mobile,
  • Email id,
  • Telephone number.

If your permanent address is same as corresponding address then click on the small box. Then all the details of permanent address will be filled in the permanent address.

Step 4: Then click on the option continue. There will be warning do you want to submit the form. Click on ok option.

Step 5: then you have to fill the details related to your age and experience. The details are the following-

Qualification details-

  • Qualification,
  • University/board,
  • Year of passing,
  • Marks,
  • Marks obtained,
  • Grade,
  • Major/stream,

Acquired skill-

  • Skill/occupation,
  • Acquired through,
  • Experience in months,

Work experience-

  • Employer name,
  • Type,
  • Designation/job,
  • From,
  • To,
  • Salary,

National languages known-

  • Languages,
  • Read,
  • Write,
  • Speak ,

International languages known-

  • Languages,
  • Read,
  • Write,
  • Speak ,

After that click on the option submits.

Step 6: After submitting all your details then a receipt will appear in which your details will be given. In the receipt, there will be given the username and password. 

Remember them because without them you cannot login to your account. You should change your password within 7 days.

Step 7: If you want to print this receipt make sure your system is connected to the printer and click on the option print.

Step 8: With the help of your username and password you can log in and can check the job updates and notifications.

If still not clear you can see below videos. In this video, you will see step by step guide to registering for employment exchange Delhi.


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