How to Pay Water Bill Online in Delhi

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Without water, no living beings can survive in this world. The government is taking steps to feed water to all the homes and offices. Usually, people get their water supply from the groundwater or the supply from the government. 

If you are living in Delhi, you must have come to know about Jal Board. It takes care of the connection, disconnection and billing of the water usage for your house or office. 

The revenue management system of jal board has its own website on which you can pay your bills and get more information about the connection. Using the site, you can

  • View and print the bill amount online
  • See the balance and last receipt
  • See the Options for bill payment
  • Apply to get a new connection
  • Tracking the application statues

Online water bill payment Delhi

Procedure to make an online payment

1. Open the official website of jal board ( water bill delhi

2. Select the online payment option. You will be shown the following options

  • HDFC bank
  • National payment services platform
  • Union Bank of India
  • Yes Bank

3. Select any bank from the list by clicking on the corresponding link. And enter the KNO number. 

4. Enter KNO number in the box provided. You can get the number from the last bill payment receipt. water bill delhi

5. Select the appropriate payment method. water bill delhi

6. Transact the amount by using your login id and password. 

7. Print the receipt. water bill delhi

How many types of payment methods available?

  • Credit card – You have to enter the details of the card and pin number.
  • Internet banking – It is the easiest way, using which you can log in to your internet banking and make the payment
  • Debit card – Same procedure like credit card
  • Wallet balance – If you are having balance in the following wallets Airtel Money, Idea Money, pay cash and Jio money, you can pay the jal board using this wallet cash.

water bill delhi

What if I don’t know the KNO?

1. Go to the site herewater bill delhi

2. Enter your zone, MR No, Area and water connection number and enter captcha code and click on search option. 

3. Select your name from the list of names shown. Within a few seconds, your KNO number will be displayed.

How to view/print the latest bill?

1. Go to this site.delhi jal board 

2. Enter your KNO number. 3. Print it by clicking on the option in the display. 

When to pay the bill? 

You have to pay the bill amount monthlyIn the bill you have downloaded, will be given the due date. Usually, the due date will be at the end of every month. 

If you do not pay within the due date, you will be imposed the fine amount. 

How much do I have to pay? 

Following are the rough estimates of the bill amount charged by the Delhi government for the domestic use of water

  • Up to 20000 liters, it is up to Rs. 150
  • For 20000 to 30000 liters, it is around Rs. 250
  • And for 30000 and above, it is around Rs. 350

For commercial / Industrial use payment is slightly higher than the domestic charges. If you have rainwater harvesting installed in your home/office, subsidy will be given to you on the charges. 

How do I apply for new connection?

  1. Go to the site by clicking on this link
  2. You will be asked to enter user id and password.
  3. If you haven’t registered already, using the register link shown below, create an account by entering the details of your connection
  4. After logging into the account, fill up the details and confirm the application
  5. After getting the appointment, visit the office of the Jal board and submit the application.

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