How to Obtain Caste Certificate Delhi

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In India people belongs to different castes. These castes are separated in categories like general, SC-scheduled caste, ST-scheduled tribe and OBC-other backward caste. The three categories like SC, ST and OBC are privileged categories. They get privileges in every govt. activity like job and education. caste-certificate-delhi 

Only they can get these facilities so that the govt has made a rule that they must have a caste certificate. So, if you are from privileged classes then you must know the process how to apply for caste certificate. 

Let’s have the example of how to apply for caste certificate in Delhi. You can also visit the official site of Delhi govt which is

Caste Certificate Delhi

Procedure to Apply Online Cast Certificate Delhi- You can also apply in online mode for caste certificate- 

1. Visit e-district Website: First, go to the link this is the official site of Delhi govt. where you can apply online for caste certificate. 

2. Fill the registration form: At the home page first go to the registration option if you are a new user. Select your document name, the document number and fill the given code in the box. Then click on the continue option. 

3. Fill the following details: At the next page, you have to fill the following details for the registration-

  • Name,
  • Gender,
  • Father name,
  • Mother name,
  • Spouse name,
  • Date of birth,
  • House number,
  • Street number,
  • Sub-locality,
  • Residential locality,
  • Subdivision,
  • District,
  • State,
  • Country,
  • Pin code,
  • Permanent address if same yes and if not same then fill,
  • Email id,
  • Mobile number,
  • Upload a photo of yours,
  • Then fill the given code in the box and click on the option continue to register.

Then your user id and password will be sent to your email or mobile number. 

4. Enter username and password: Login with the given user id and password. 

5. Click on apply certificate online: Then click on the option given apply for certificates online. Then a separate page will be opened where you have to fill the all the required details and click on the submit option. 

6. Take a print out of receipt: After submitting the form and all the formalities you will see a receipt on the screen showing your submitted details and your application number. You can make a print out of this also.

Offline Method - Caste Certificate Delhi

Required documents for caste certificate in Delhi: (required documents may vary with states)

  • Application form,
  • Identity proof like pan card/passport/ driving license/ voter id,
  • Passport photo,
  • Caste certificate of father/brother/sister or any paternal side’s relative caste certificate,
  • Self-declaration of SC/ST certificate if issued outside from Delhi,
  • If the applicant’s father side caste certificate is issued from Delhi then no need of affidavit,
  • If no caste certificate has been issued from Delhi then two government servants should certify that they know the applicant and the applicant belongs to the caste,
  • A local inquiry of prior and recent residence in case of married woman,
  • Residential proof,
  • Date of birth proof,
  • All the above documents should be self-attested.

Filling of the Form: The caste certificate has the following details you need to fill-

  • First, mention the deputy commissioner of your locality,
  • Applicant name,
  • Father’s/husband’s name,
  • Permanent address,
  • Complete present address with name of police station,
  • Ration card number,
  • Date and place of birth,
  • Is she/he scheduled caste from birth or by adoption,
  • Nationality,
  • Caste,
  • Religion,
  • Duration of stay in Delhi,
  • Complete address of father before migration in Delhi,
  • If migrated after or before 20-9-15 in Delhi, give date of migration,
  • The state from where ancestors belong,
  • Educational qualification,
  • Name of school/college last attended,
  • Purpose for which the certificate is required,
  • If your another family member has issued caste certificate from Delhi, if yes then attach a copy of it,
  • Have you obtained a caste certificate from another state?
  • Full name and address,
  • Full name and address,
  • Signature of the applicant,
  • Name
  • Full name,
  • Address,
  • Then the self-declaration by the applicant,
  • Again signature of applicant and name,

Attestation: in this part you have to fill the following things-

  • Name,
  • Father’s/husband’s name,
  • Year duration,
  • Caste name,
  • Place of birth,
  • Signature of applicant,
  • Address,
  • Telephone number,
  • Full residential number,
  • Telephone number.

The attestation can be done by the following authorities-

  • Member of parliament/member of metropolitan council, Delhi/Delhi and member of corporation Delhi,
  • Gazetted officer of Delhi administration/ Central govt.
  • Police officer not below the rank of DSP.

Process: All you need is to fill the form and attach the required documents then go to the SDM office of your area or deputy commissioner office and submit. Your caste certificate will be ready after the verification of the authority.   

Track your application: You can also track your application of caste certificate. Go to the link then select the option- track application. Then fill the following things-

  • Applied for- select the service,
  • Enter application no.
  • Fill the given code in the box,

Then hit the option search. You will find your application number there. 

Track application by SMS: you can also track your application via SMS by the following step-

  • Send EDISDL to the number 7738299899.
  • In the next moment, you will receive an SMS in which you application details will be given.

Verify certificate: You can also verify your certificate. Go to the link then select the option to verify the certificate. Then fill the following details-

  • Applied for- select the service,
  • Enter application no.
  • Fill the given code in the box,

Then hit the option search and in the next moment, you will see the details related to your certificate. So, by this way, you can apply for caste certificate. Each state has their own process but not very different. You can apply easily.

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