How to request money on Google Pay

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Recently the payment method under Google Pay name is getting quite popular. It uses UPI as India has it on quite a popular stage. This has been quite popular because of its ease in use. A Google Pay Account can easily help you pay your bills, recharge your mobiles, book tickets for train or movies, pay insurance premium, or recharge your DTH account, you can also send the money into someone’s bank account, etc.

How to request money on Google Pay 2022 Update

With a bucket full of facilities which Google Pay provides its users, there is one more. You can request money from someone through your Google Pay app itself. This saves time which you would spend asking for money. This has to be noted that it will only work if you have made a transaction with the person in the past. Here, we will guide you through the steps of requesting money from someone on Google Pay App in just a few easy steps.

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Follow the steps:

Here we consider that you have Google Pay App already installed. Click on the Google Pay App in your app drawer. If you haven’t installed the app yet for some reason, I would suggest you follow those simple steps on our website and do it.

After opening, sign into the app if you have an account and haven’t signed in. Sign in can be done with your Mobile number and OTP verification. You can skip this step if you’re signed in already.

You will see the icons of your previous transaction accounts. Click on the person from whom you want to request money.

You will see two options on the bottom right of your screen. Click on “Request”.

The next screen will ask the amount of money you want to request. Type the number, press the arrow. Type the text with reason for your request if you wish. Then press the tick mark. Your task is done.

Now you will have to wait until the person sees your message and accepts it. He/she has an option to decline it if he/she wants.

  1. Open the App
  2. Sign In
  3. Select A Person
  4. Select Request
  5. Enter Amount

As per the Guidelines of RBI, you are asked not to share your UPI pin or OTP with anyone, not even your friends and close relatives. UPI Pin will never be asked to receive an amount. Stay safe with easy methods to transfer.

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