How to Open an Account on Google Pay

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We have seen recently that a payment method is getting quite popular with UPI usage. This method is under the name Google Pay by a well known firm named Google. After creating a Google Pay Account, you can easily pay your bills, recharges, tickets, premium, DTH, etc.

How to create Google pay Account

This method uses UPI from the bank and gets your payment done in no time. Here, we will inform you with the steps of creating a Google Pay Account in just a few minutes.

1. Install Google Pay App

The first step to creating a Google Pay Account is to install the application. Google Pay app is available on both Android and iOS.

2. Open the App

After downloading the Google Pay App, click on open or select the Google Pay App from your app drawer.

3. Select Language

After opening, you will create a Google Pay Account. The first screen in Google Pay app will ask you your preferred language. Select the language you wish to work with as shown in the first image.

4. Enter Phone Number

Enter the phone number associated with your bank account. Also make sure that the sim card for this particular number is currently in your smartphone. Click on the small white arrow to get one more step closer to creating your Google Pay Account.

5. Choose Email ID

Google Pay App will identify your email ID, if you want to work on that email ID, proceed by clicking “Continuing” If you want to change your email ID, you shall see the options there.

6. Confirm OTP

Then you will have to wait for OTP verification on the next screen. This is generally done automatically, for some reason, if it does not work on it’s own, type the OTP manually. Select Security Your Google Pay Account is almost created. All left to be done is to enter the type of security you want.

You can choose between your screen lock or create a new pin specifically for Google Pay app. If you choose to select a 4-digit google pin, you will be asked to enter it. In the other case, your Google Pay account creation is done.

You can add your bank account to begin using your Google Pay Account flawlessly.

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