How to update your phone number on Google Pay

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Recently the payment method under Google Pay name is getting quite popular. It uses UPI as India has it on quite a popular stage. This has been quite popular because of its ease in use. A Google Pay Account can easily help you pay your bills, recharge your phones, book tickets for train or movies, pay insurance premium, or recharge your DTH account, you can also send the money into someone’s bank account, etc. Why would someone need to change their mobile number linked with their Google Pay account?

Google Pay ! How to Update / Change Registered Mobile Number ?

It’s quite common and normal for a person to change a phone number. As Google Pay links with the Phone number associated with your bank account, if you change your number linked to the bank account, you will need to change your number linked to Google Pay as well. Here, we will guide you with the steps of updating your phone number on a Google Pay Account in just a few easy steps.

Follow the steps:

Here, we will assume that you have an account on Google Pay app. If you don’t have one, then create an account and get started. First, you will need to install the Google Pay app on your phone. Google Pay is available on both Android and iOS.

After downloading the Google Pay App, click on the Google Pay App in your app drawer.

After opening, sign into the app if you have an account. Sign in can be done with your Phone number and OTP verification. Attempt this with your old number.

On the home screen you will see your profile icon with your picture on it. This will be present on the right side top of your phone screen. From here, the process of updating the phone number on Google Pay.

You will see a tab named “Settings” in the middle of the screen below “Invite and Earn” and your bank details. Click on it.

You will see the “Account” section on the next screen. This will also show details of your Google Pay account like UPI ID, name, and Phone Number. In the Account section, click on “Mobile Number”. This will show you the mobile number which you are currently signed in with.

Along with your current number, you will see another option on the current screen, that option will be “Change Mobile Number”. Click on this option. Then the next screen will take you to a place where you will be asked to enter a number. This can be used in both cases either when you entered your number wrong in the first attempt to log in or you have updated your number associated with the bank account.

After entering your number or corrected number, to update it, click the tick icon on the bottom right of your screen. The next screen of your Google Pay app will ask you the OTP for verification. When you receive the latest OTP, enter it. You will not be needed to enter it as Google will verify it on it’s own.

After completing the above eight steps, you will see a success message. You’re done. Your mobile number was successfully updated and you can now use your phone number associated with your Google Pay account without any problem.

  1. Install Google Pay App
  2. Open the App
  3. Sign In
  4. Click Your Profile
  5. Open Settings
  6. Select Mobile Number
  7. Change Mobile Number
  8. Tap Tick icon
  9. You’re good to go!

As per the Guidelines of RBI, you are asked not to share your UPI pin or OTP with anyone, not even your friends and close relatives. Stay safe with easy methods to transfer.

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