How to Edit Phone Number in Zomato

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The Zomato App, just like any other delivery app, requires the contact information as well as the correct address for the timely and correct delivery of the good items and other deliverables. And, for that purpose the phone number is very important. The phone number is important to maintain a connection between the delivery partner and the customer. It makes the communication very easy and hassle-free. Therefore, it is very important to add the correct phone number in the Zomato app. If you have changed your phone number. Then, you can easily edit phone number in Zomato.

Always make sure to add the update or the active phone number as well as the correct email id in the Zomato app. Otherwise, communication during the time of food delivery would be a problem. You can also update your mobile number in the Paytm App in a similar manner. Meanwhile, read about how to edit phone numbers in Zomato in some short steps in the article below.

Change Delivery Address In Zomato

Edit Phone Number in Zomato in 9 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open Zomato: First of all you are required to open the Zomato app for the Zomato website. Also, it is your wish whether you want to continue using the app or open the website in a web browser

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Step-2 Click on your profile option: Click on your profile, in the top right corner

Image titled edit address in Zomato Step 2

Step-3 Click on 'settings': In the next step you have to go to settings. It is a third option at the bottom when you are off the screen in your profile.

Image titled edit address in Zomato Step 3

Step-4 Click on 'edit profile': Mow you have to click on the 'edit profile' option under the settings.

Image titled edit address in Zomato Step 4

Step-5 Change phone number: To change the phone number, click on the change option placed beside your number. This option is in red color and is on the right-hand side.

Image titled edit address in Zomato Step 5

Step-6 Enter your new number: now just enter the new number for the updated phone number that you want to enter in the Zomato app for further communication.

Image titled edit address in Zomato Step 6

Step-7 Click on send OTP: Then, the next step is to click on the send OTP tab at the bottom after you are done adding the new phone number.

Image titled edit address in Zomato Step 7

Step-8 Enter the OTP received: within a few seconds after you click on the send. Then you will receive an OTP on the phone number that you have added. Type the OTP in the space given to you by the Zomato app. Make sure the OTP is correct.

Image titled edit address in Zomato Step 8

Step-9 Click on 'submit': finally after adding the OTP clip on the submit option. Now your mobile number is finally updated in the Zomato app.

Image titled edit address in Zomato Step 9

Is It Possible To Add More Than One Mobile Number or Phone Number in The Zomato app at the Same Time?

No, as of now Zomato app only allows you to at one phone number one account. It was a communication easy for them as well as for you. Make sure that number you add is the correct and active phone number. It is because the app will further use it for communication at the time of delivery of your food.

Just like the phone number can we also add, update or change the email address that we have added to the Zomato app?

Yes, you can easily update or change the email address that you have added to your Zomato account. The app uses email addresses mostly to send you updates or other notifications about the app or your food delivery or orders. You can also opt-out if you do not want to receive those emails. You can easily unsubscribe from those emails. In a similar manner, you can also stop receiving emails from the LinkedIn app.

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