How to Edit Profile in Zomato

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Just like every other app, Zomato also asks the user to create their profile. The profile section contains all the personal contact, payment as well as other related information about the user of the app. You should keep your profile up to date to have a better user experience with the app.

Sometimes, a person may wish to change or update some information on their profile sort from the one that they did initially. You can easily do that. It is very easy to edit a profile in Zomato. You just have to learn a few steps and you will be good to go.

Just like Zomato, you can also edit your profile and well as changing your profile picture on TikTok. It is very simple and easy. Meanwhile, learn how to edit your profile on Zomato in some really easy and fun steps with pictures.

Make Changes in Zomato Profile

Edit Profile in Zomato in 6 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open Zomato: The very first step is to open the Zomato app where you have created your profile initially.

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Step-2 Click on Your Profile: Then, you have to go to your profile by clicking on the icon of your profile. The icon is present in the top rightmost corner of the screen. It is represented by a blue hat.

Image Titled edit profile in Zomato Step 2

Step-3 Click on Settings: After opening your profile, now you have to click on the 'Settings' button. This button is present at the bottom menu bar in the profile section.

Image Titled edit profile in Zomato Step 3

Step-4 Click on Edit Profile: Then, you have to click on 'Edit profile'.

Image Titled edit profile in Zomato Step 4

Step-5 Make the Necessary Edits: All the information about your profile will open up after you click on 'Edit profile'. You can easily update or change the profile information from here.

It includes information like full name, email id, phone number, and address along with other things.

Image Titled edit profile in Zomato Step 5

Step-6 Click on Save Changes: After, you are done changing or updating the profile information. Then, you have to click on the 'Save Changes' option at the bottom of the screen. The tab is blue.

Image Titled edit profile in Zomato Step 6

Now, you have successfully updated your profile on the Zomato app.

Can We Add More Than One Address to The Zomato App?

Sometimes a person may wish to add more than one address or multiple addresses on their Zomato app so that they do not have to at the address again and again while ordering food for different places.

Zomato allows its users to add or save multiple addresses on their app. While ordering you just have to click on that particular address. Also, it saves so much time and energy.

Does the Zomato App Give News and Updates Through Mails? How Can We Unsubscribe to Stop Receiving Mails From Zomato?

Yes, Zomato maintains a connection with its users through their emails by sending regular emails regarding updated news and other things.

You can unsubscribe from the mailing list of Zomato if you wish to do so. It is completely your wish if you want to receive those emails from the Zomato app or not.

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