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To start with, let's talk about what Zomato Pro exactly is. So, Zomato Pro is an exclusive membership programme or a subscription account on the Zomato app. It provides exclusive benefits and discounts at more than 20,000 partner restaurants. The benefits can be availed across both dining out and delivery options. The users who buy Pro membership can enjoy more than a 50% discount along with less or no delivery fee at most of the food outlets and restaurants. Buy Zomato Pro is a very easy and short process. You just have to keep up with the right steps to buy Zomato Pro.

You can pay for the Zomato Pro membership with various options like Paytm, wallets, net banking and several other options. If you do not have Paytm, you can learn how to create an account on Paytm.

Buy Zomato Pro Membership

Buy Zomato Pro in 7 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open Zomato App: The first and most important step in this process is to open the Zomato app from your mobile phone's menu.

Just click on the app icon and it will open. Make sure your location is turned on for a better experience.

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Step-2 Open 'your profile': Click on your profile, in the top right corner of the screen. It is very easy to spot this icon.

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Step-3 Click on Zomato pro: Now, in the menu, you will see an option with the title 'Zomato Pro'. Just click on that to open it.

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Step-4 Click on join pro: After clicking on Zomato Pro, you will get all the information regarding the subscription Pro membership. Then, at the bottom click on 'Join Pro'.

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Step-5 Click on 'pay using': This option allows you to choose the payment method. You can choose your preferred payment method. As you have to pay for the Zomato Pro Subscription.

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Step-6 Select your preferred payment method: You will have various options of payment methods to choose from. You can pay via Paytm, UPI, other wallets, bank accounts and net banking also.

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Step-7 Click on join pro: Finally click on the Join Pro tab that is present beside the pay using the option. It will also be present at the bottom of the screen on the right-hand side.

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Is It The Complete Process To Buy The Zomato Pro membership?

Yes! It was a very short and simple process. Also, Congratulations! Now you're a Zomato Pro member. Enjoy all the exclusive benefits and discounts on the app now.

What Is The Amount That We Should Pay For The Zomato Pro Membership?

There are several different plans for Zomato Pro Membership. These include the monthly as well as the yearly plans. The pricing for the plans varies according to the number of days or the period. Let us tell you more details about these plans. To buy the 12-month Zomato Pro plan, you will have to pay around Rs 900. But, for the 3-month plan, the cost is Rs 300. You can choose the plan accordingly to your needs.

Can We Also Pay on Paytm Using Google Pay? And how To check your Bank Balance on the Google Pay App?

Yes, paying using the Google pay app option is also available on the Zomato app. The transaction takes only a few seconds and it is hassle-free. You can link your bank account to the Google pay account. Also, you can check your bank balance directly from the Google pay app.

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