How to Delete Saved Card from Zomato

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There is a very unique option in the Zomato app. This feature or this option allows you to add your debit, credit as well as other cards on the app. It is a very safe option because of the user privacy policy of the Zomato app.

In this way, you can pay with the help of the card directly from the app. It saves so much time because you do not have to add the card details again and again for payments on the app.

But, you should also know how to delete saved cards from Zomato. In case you have deactivated a card or blocked the card, you should remove it from the app too.

Remove Saved Card Details from Zomato

Step-1 Open Zomato App: Open the Zomato App as the first step. In case you are using Zomato on the web browser, you might miss some app features. So, we also recommend you download the Zomato app from the Play Store if you have not already downloaded it.

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Step-2 Go to 'your profile' section: As the next step, you have to click on your profile, in the top right corner. It has all the information about your account and also the settings.

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Step-3 Click on the 'payments' option: At the bottom of the screen, you will see an option with the title 'payments'. It will have the required information that we want. Just click on that button.

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Step-4 Click on the three dots: Then, click on the three vertical dots. These dots are displayed on the side of the card you want to delete. Note that, you can add multiple cards in the app.

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Step-5 Click on 'delete card': You will see various options like rename, delete etc. From those options, click on 'Delete card'. Your card will be permanently deleted from the Zomato app.

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Can We Add Multiple Cards of Different Bank Accounts in the Zomato App?

Yes, you can do that as long as the card information is genuine. Also, the card should be active and working. Zomato also asks you to verify the card information and only then you can make payments on the Zomato app with the help of that card.

So, in conclusion, you can easily add multiple cards in the Zomato app. It is a great feature of the app. And also, it is safe too.

Can We Get Updates From Zomato App on our Gmail Account?

Yes, Zomato asks for your mail id and related contact information while the signing up process. And you can subscribe or unsubscribe from the emails to get the latest news, updates and also information.

If you do not remember the password of your email id. Then, you can recover the password of your I'd even without using your phone number or the recovery mail.

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