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Making it into Indian defense system (Army, Navy, Air Force) is one mammoth task, but filled with right information the journey might seem easy. It is one among the highly respected professions in our nation, no matter you get to make it into top tier or bottom tier, in the society, everyone has received equal respect.

Military jobs are often highly paid, also if you step your foot with determination, then defense service is highly satisfactory considering the output and achievements.

Opportunities are always open in the Indian army, you need is to apply at the right time. Before you could draw a conclusion understand the crucial portal through which you could slip in. join Indian Army

10 Best Ways To Join Indian Army

Educational requirements

The lowest educational profile Indian army demands is a 10 standard pass candidate. The next level of filtering might seek for a 12th pass, diploma and above which a degree holder shall make it to higher designations in the army. join Indian Army

Indian Army physical requirement

Indian Army physical requirement

Types of careers

The army has both short service and permanent service, which shall be left for the choice of the applicant. However, the recruitment is done by two different commissions, where the Permanent ones are handled by PC or Permanent commission and short service commission or SSC would recruitment for temporary requirements. 

Once completing a bond period the candidates might get an offer to move to PC, which depends on a number of factors. join Indian Army

Steps to join Indian army

Before we could go into detail, let us divide the entry points based on educational qualifications. 12th, Diploma and Graduation are the basic educational demands, the army put forward.

1. Prepare for good marks: Make sure that you have performed well in your previous exam, mostly a pass with 50% is the standard which might have some relaxations depending on the commission recruiting.

However various commission might demand a 70% of PCM (physics, chemistry, and biology). So before you make it to your application be sure with your marks.

2. Understand the basic entry points. To join Indian army there is a dozen of entry points available, find the one that fits you better and apply for it. Below are the entry points with the required minimum education and age limit.

The most common entry points are via exams or recruitments conducted by commissions like:

  • National Defense Academy (NDA)
  • Indian Military Academy- Non-Tech
  • 10+2 tech
  • Judge Advocate General (JAG) – Men & Women
  • NCC special Scheme entry – Men & Women
  • TGC – Education
  • UES
  • AEC
  • Short Service Commission – Tech and Non-tech

3. Take into account your general health. All army recruitments will be evaluated in two categories. Academically as well as physically.

Your physical health will be subjected to a number of tests before you could attend their primary interview. So make sure that you are well prepared to face their physical examinations which include running, trekking, pull ups, balance, etc.

4. Be aware of the general requirements for Indian army. There is a general guideline for all candidates to make it into any section of the Indian army. The important ones are:

  • The candidate must be physically fit, meaning he or she must be free from diseases, mental illness, and disabilities.
  • A candidate shouldn’t be weak, overweight or underweight and must have a healthy BMI.
  • The height requirement for male candidates are 157.5cms and for females, it will be 152cms. However there are certain relaxations for Gorkhas, and natives from North East India whose minimum shall be 5cms less. For Lakshadweep candidates this concessions is 2cms.
  • Chest, joints, and bone health is a must for all candidates.
  • A candidate shouldn’t have any past history of mental breakdown or fits.
  • The hearing sense should be normal, i.e. the candidate must be able to catch a forced whisper 610 cms inside a quiet room.
  • Normal blood pressure is important for a healthy heart with no past history of cardiac
  • Hydroceles, Piles or varicocele shouldn’t be there
  • Urine examination might be done and unfit candidates might face rejection
  • Candidate must be able to read a 6/6 in a distant chart without any glass. Myopia or hypermetropia shouldn’t be off 5D, for females myopia is limited to minus 5.5 D

5. Be aware of examinations. There are several examinations that are held throughout the year. You shall keep posted about updates through respective websites, social media pages or through newspapers. Below are 5 important exams that recruit to the army after graduation:

  1. Combined Defense Service Examination: The age limit is fixed from 19-24, where you need a graduate degree from UGC recognized institution. There is written exam held twice a year on February-march slot and September –October slot.
  2. Technical entrance: This is mostly for BE/Btech holders from any recognized universities. Both PC and SSC calls for recruits and the age limit is 20-27 for the former and 19-25 for latter (female). The notification is posted twice a year where PC conducts recruitments on April and October; SSC on June-July.
  3. NCC –Special Entries: No written exams are mandatory here, If you have a law degree with 50% and a 2-year service in NCC senior division army with a minimum of B or C grade then you are eligible for direct The candidate must be of age limit 19-25. The notification usually comes around October and April, twice.
  4. University Entry Scheme: BTech degree holders in final or pre-final years shall apply for this. The entry is limited to only male candidates and there are two interviews held at designated centers. The notification comes around May of every year.
  5. Judge Advocate Entry: This is for law graduates with a minimum of 55% registered with bar council of India or respective state. This for both men and women with age limit 21- 27 years old. Notification is made every June/July.

Now you have an idea about the exam and the entry points. Go through all the exams at the website and find a suitable one for you. Check the respective websites and keep posted about the updates and exams. Also, make sure that you are considering your physical health while mentally preparing for the army.

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