How to Apply SBI International Debit Card

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SBI International Debit Card offers the customers to perform shopping without carrying cash and helps to Freedom Rewards focuses on their buys. It allows the user to gain admittance to your record at whatever point and wherever you need. 

The user can utilize it to buy products or for making an installment on the web and use them additionally over the globe. SBI Global Debit Card accompanies an EMV Chip which gives extra security.

How to Apply SBI Global Debit Card Online

SBI International Debit Card

SBI International Debit Card can be utilized for more than 6 Lakhs vendor outlets in India, also more than 30 million around the world. This card can be used to book film ticket, bus ticket and train tickets. 

The user can also perform online purchase or pay installments through internet utilizing "Master Secure Code". Cash can be withdrawn from the SBI ATM using SBI International Debit Card across worldwide.

How to Apply for SBI International Debit Card?

  1. Type the URL in the browser window and hit enter to view the home page.
  2. Enter the username and password of your account and click submit button.
  3. After login, the web page displays the “My Account” details page to the user.
  4. Choose the services Menu from the top residing menu and click.
  5. List of services is displayed in left side panel choose ATM services.
  6. It displays the list of services under the menu choose Request ATM debit Card.
  7. A webpage displays the option to select the mode to validate. The user can select either one-time password or profile password to validate.
  8. Select profile password and enter the password click submit button.
  9. The next page displays the primary as well as secondary account number, account type and branch details.
  10. Choose the Account number to which the card is to be applied, enter the applicant name of the card and select the option “Master card State Global” from the drop-down list.
  11. After that accept the terms and conditions and click submit button.
  12. Finally, the website acknowledges the message that the “card request is accepted” and the applicant will receive the card within 15 days to their address.

What Is Benefit of using SBI Global Debit Card?

  1.  Accessing in easy

As the card is accessible throughout the world to purchase things, book tickets and can also be used for travel also.
It offers a great comfort in withdrawing the cash from SBI ATMs or any other ATMs using this SBI Global Debit Card.

  1.  Reward Points

One reward point is added to the individual account on 200 rupees of purchase of items or an individual refill fuel or pay for dinning. When the user gets the SBI Global Debit card first time after one-month time period fifty additional reward points added to the account.
If the user purchases using SBI International Debit card during the first time fifty rewards point added to the account. On the third purchase of the SBI International Debit Card hundred reward points are added to the account.
When the customer utilizes the SBI Global Debit Card for his/her shopping within a quarter to the most of three buys then the points already existed in the account is doubled. The points can be redeemed against gifts or vouchers that are available.

  1.  Alert SMS

The user is alerted with SMS whenever the cash is withdrawing or perform any shopping or perform any online banking utilizing the SBI International Debit Card.

  1.  Round the clock Customer Service

Whenever the user needs the assistance while using SBI International Debit Card they can call the toll free number 1800 11 2211 or 1800 425 3800 or 080 26599990 to resolve their queries associated with the card.
The user can also send the email to regarding the issues associated with SBI Global Debit Card. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) of SBI International Debit Card

  1.  What is the cash limit that can be withdrawing using SBI Global Debit Card?

A cash amount of rupees 100 can withdraw minimum and maximum of 40,000 rupees can be withdraw. This may vary depending upon the foreign currency value.

  1.  What is the cash limit that can be used for purchase or to perform online transaction using SBI Global Debit Card?

The cash limit of amount up to 75000 rupees of maximum value and minimum value is as request of the user. This may vary depending upon the foreign currency value.

  1.  Is there any annual maintenance charge to be paid for SBI Global Debit Card?

Yes, annual maintenance of Rs.125 is charged along with GST charges to use the SBI Global Debit Card.

  1.  Whether SBI Global Debit Card provides Fuel Surcharges?

If the transaction is performed in SBI POS terminals, then the user is set the amount of 0.75% up to 2000 rupees. If the transaction is performed in other terminals, then the user is set the amount of 1% up to 2000 rupees.

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