How to Understand Football

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To understand football is very easy for any newcomer footballer, who wants to learn more about this beautiful game’s laws, rules, and basic footballing terms. Today there are many sources available to learn football without any difficulties.

The time has changed, and now many young kids are started to taking interest in football. But how to explore and understand football are still some basic questions elevates on your mind when you start to learn about it.

Understand Football

So here, in this article, we are going to illustrate some guidelines to help you to understand football.

Learn Football Basics

  • GAME TIME: Two halves of 45- minute each with a 15-minute break between them. In some occasions, extra time is given to fulfill wasted time, due to injuries.
  • TEAM GAME: A match plays between two teams, each consists 11 players and maximum 5 substitutes.
    To score a goal each team has to hit their rival’s team goalpost. It is necessary to play with minimum 7 players according to the laws of FIFA.
  • IMPORTANT EQUIPMENT: To play football you need football-boot and shin guard at least. The two team must wear distinguish colors jersey from each other and goalkeeper have to wear different color than his team players.
  • FOUL FOOTBALL: During match when a team player wrongly tackles or forcefully pushes other opposing team player, a foul is grant.
    There are many advantages that match referee gives when a foul occurs.
  • DIRECT KICK: It is given when a footballer commits these things; kicking, tripping, charging, jumping at, holding an opponent, reckless foul.

INDIRECT KICK: The goal must be touched at least two players before hit the net. When a player obstructs an opponent, prevents goalkeeper to take kick.

PENALTY: If a team commits foul inside his own penalty area, then the referee will award a penalty kick to the opposing team. The distance between penalty mark and goal post is 11m.

THROW IN: When own or opposing team player sends the ball out of the field, then referee gives advantage to other team to throw the ball outside of lines. Be aware! Your both feet should stay on the ground.  

OFF SIDE: When any part of any player, head, feet or hand crosses the opponent team half or players.

SHOOTOUT: Mostly in round-robin stages, it basically not happens, but in knock-out rounds when the score line till the regulation time and after extra time remained same the shootout phase starts.

The winner is decided by penalty kicks, 5 players from each team take penalty alternately until the referee decides winner team

Some Another method to Understand The Football

Watch Youtube Videos

  • The most famous website YouTube provides hundreds of videos on diverse subjects. Any rookie person who wants to understand football just has to input his keyword and enter it.
  • Based on your words, it will show you many videos on his website.
  • Go through some videos to understand football more.
  • Many clubs also have their own channel on YouTube for beginners to teach them basic fundamentals of football.

Play with Football Books

  • Books are the best source to understand football precisely and briefly. The advantage of book is that you can carry it whenever you go and they don’t need too much space.
  • Nowadays many publishers started to publish football books with graphic illustration to teach football more easily. Which also helps learner to understand complex steps easily.
  • You can get football books from different source; school/college, books stalls, public libraries, and e-book on kindle.

Here’s the list of Some Football Books

  • Soccer IQ: Things that smart players do by Dan Blake
  • Coaching Soccer for Dummies by Greg Bach
  • Youth Soccer Drills by Jim Garland
  • Coaching Youth Soccer by Bobby Clark
  • FC Barcelona training sessions by Athanasios Terzis

Take Expert Advise

  • Experience matters! People who has more knowledge about any specific topic more than any mediocre are called experts or aficionados.
  • Connect or meet football experts to understand more about football, they will teach you more than anyone.

Football coaches are also a great way to explore football, they will nurture your brain with their practical and theoretical knowledge about football.

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