How to Make Career in Football

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The most quintessential thing that you need to become a professional football player and to make career in football are passion and dedication for the game. Before start to pursue career in football, think twice. Why you want to be a footballer? For fun, or you have love for the game.

Starting to play football at young age 5 to 14 year is the right time. Nowadays, there are thousands of clubs and academies present worldwide to offer professional training and to nurture young talents.

Career in Football

Here are some tips to know how to make career in football.

1. Train like a beast According to the facts an average professional football player in a match runs 9.5 miles. Training is a very important foundation of any player to build him for future. If you want to train?

firstly get admission in any football youth club or academy, because bad training can injure yourself, whereas football coaches are trained to know about training and they can help you to build as a professional player.

They mainly work on your endurance, speed, agility, strength and flexibility. Apart from that basic skills like passing, receiving, dribbling, heading, kicking very important to excel in football.

2. Good Meal A balanced diet chart important to follow, talk to your coach and asked them to make a Strict diet chart for you.

Back in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, American swimmer Michael Phelps made headline when he revealed his 12,000 calorie-a-day diet, which helps him to grab eight gold medals.

It’s very necessary for a footballer to get 40-65% carbohydrates and 20-35% protein in a daily life.

3. Need to Cool Your Mind Peace of mind is as much important as physicality, for better concentration, focus, to be more patience. Sometimes during matches opponent team players tries to play mind game with you so that you could lose your temper and get a card.

Inner peace also makes you believe in yourself. Always listen your coach advise to tackle such situations.

4. Find Opportunities Always tries to play with the best players in your club. Take tips and suggestion to your senior players and participate in football tournaments as much as you can.

Always try to give your best in every match, be persistent, because this is a huge difference between an average player and a star player. Always go for trials in big clubs, where you can catch the eyes of big name of football world.

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