How to Start a Career in Amazon

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It's easy to find a job at amazon. Amazon people has done a very good job in having simplified job portal for careers. But before searching for a job at amazon make sure that you have a strong and sounding resume for your profile.

If you don’t have one then don't worry, you can still apply for jobs at amazon. Just prepare a brief description of your skills, experience educational background with all the required details.

Now let’s go to the exciting part. Applying for a job.  

How to Get AWS Job with No Experience

Career in Amazon

1. Visit the amazon website: To apply for a particular job, go to amazon site i.e. It may ask you redirect you the country specific domain like for India.

It is not necessary to get redirected to any domain but you can select the domain if you want. career in amazon

2. Scroll down go to the footer: After landing on the website, go to the footer section (at the end of the page). Now to click on 'Careers' link that is available under "Get to know us" list.

Once you click on that you will be redirected to ''. This is nothing but amazon's website for jobs and careers. career in amazon

3. Enter your job keyword in the search box: On this page, you will now find a search box 'Find jobs' with message 'Search for jobs'. Inside this box, you can start typing keywords related to your profile.

For example, if I write 'Data', I will get some predefined jobs in the suggestion list. Either I can click on suggestions or I will just click on the search button (Magnifying glass image).

After this I will get the list of jobs with some details like location, job ID, posting date etc. career in amazon

4. Find the job through job category: You can also find the jobs through categories. On the top right corner, you will find Menu button. Click on that and you will see the list of options such as find jobs, locations, job categories etc.

If you click on ‘Jobs categories then you will land one the page which will show you job categories like Admin Support, customer service etc. career in amazonamazon careers 

After clicking on one category, you will get the list of jobs. Similarly, you can also find the jobs using Locations. ‘Locations’ option is already available in Menu List. amazon careers

5. Click on apply now button to apply: To get all the details of a particular job, please click on job name and you will see job details page with others details such as job description, qualifications and apply now button. 

To apply for this job, click on 'Apply Job' button. amazon careers

6. Create amazon profile: You will be then asked to create an Amazon Career Profile or if you have already created one then you need to click on 'Log back in!' link that is available on top right corner. amazon careers Amazon profile can be created in different ways. You can create one using your social account (FB, Google or LinkedIn) or you manually build you profile by clicking on 'Create with Online form'.

7. Fill basic information: Click on that button and you will be asked some details in a stepwise manner. The Basic Information Section will ask your details regarding your amazon account. Fill in all the information and click on 'Submit Profile' button.

8. Upload resume: In the next step, you will be asked to upload you resume from different location or you upload it later. In the subsequent steps, you will be asked to put your educational, address details and preferences.

9. Finish the process: To finish the process click on 'Update profile' button. Once you profile is successfully created, you will get the message for your saved details.

10. Fill your visa and citizenship information: In the next step, you will be asked to fill a digital form. Fill in all the details regarding your visa and citizenship. Make sure you fill the details carefully. If you are from outside the country of work location then visa details are mandatory. After filling all the details you can either directly submit the form or you print the details and submit.

Further steps will ask you to job specific question. Fill them and click on submit. Further steps might ask you to fill in the details that are required according to the work location. Please fill them and submit. If any step is missed then you will be asked to complete that step for further processing.

At any point of time, you can stop the process and save the profile and submit the other details afterward. If you don’t submit all the details and log off from the profile then you will also get reminder emails from Amazon.

To update the profile details, you directly log in as ‘Returning Customer’ (while applying for any job). All the entered details will pre-populated in the forms and you will have to enter only remaining details.

You can find your Profile information in your dashboard option and update the same. Once you fill all the details, you need to click on ‘Submit’ Button.

The system will check if any information is missing then it will redirect you the page wherein you will have to fill all the details. If all the details are correct then your application for the job will be submitted and you will get message “Your application was submitted successfully.

Thank you for applying.” on the job details page. You can also send this job to your colleague’s through email. The ‘Email this job’ option is available on the job details page below “Apply Job”.

If you click on this button, you will be asked to enter your colleague’s email and phone number (Optional) After you application, Amazon employer will screen your profile details and resume.

The job application is location and profile specific. So make sure you apply for the job on specific location.

Meanwhile, you can check your application status from Menu List option – ‘Review applications Status’. If you click on this option then you will get a pop up asking for your country. Select the country from the list and click on ‘See you applications’.

amazon careers 

In the next page, you will be asked to login in your profile. Enter your email and password and click on submit. After that go to your dashboard and you will find the job lists that you have applied on.

You can also withdraw your application by clicking on withdraw button available under actions button. It will ask for the reason for withdrawal of application. Enter the reason and click on Confirm Withdraw button.

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