How to Check SBI Account Balance

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SBI is considered as an esteemed bank that offers multiple methods for the SBI account balance enquiry which is very effective as the user is allowed freely to select any methods for SBI account balance enquiry.

SBI Account Balance Enquiry

SBI has introduced methods called SBI Quick for SBI account balance enquiry to be easy process for the customers who have no knowledge in computer operations. This made the technique to be popular among SBI account balance enquiry schemes. 

The other banks provide only 3 or 4 options to check the account balance whereas SBI permits to perform SBI account balance enquiry in 6 methods on real-time nowhere else you can find it.

1. SBI account balance enquiry through internet banking

  1. The user must activate his/her SBI net banking before checking the SBI account balance.
  2. Using your browser type the address and visit the home page.
  3. By providing user name and password in SBI website in order to logon to account.
  4. When it is a valid user name and password then you can view “Transaction Accounts” under that choose “Available balance”. Choose the link “Click here for Balance”.
  5. This “Click here for balance” displays the SBI account balance on request of the customer.
  6. Individual could also utilize the mobile app to check SBI account balance enquiry by opening the app navigate to transaction accounts and choose available balance.

2. SBI Account balance enquiry through Short Message Service

  1. The customer should compose a text message containing message as MBSREG and forward it to 9223440000.
  2. SBI will provide User ID plus predefine MPIN.
  3. To alter the MPIN compose a text message of the following format SMPINUser Idold Mpin New Mpin and forward it to 9223440000.
  4. The terms and conditions of the SBI have to be accepted by sending a SMS as SACCEPT User IdMpin and forward it to 9223440000.
  5. SBI acknowledges the customer with a message the mobile number is registered and registration is done.
  6. To check the SBI account balance the customers should type SBALUser IdMpin and transfer it to 9223440000.
  7. The customer can also get the mini statement of the SBI account by typing SMINUser idMpin and transfer it to 9223440000.

3. SBI Account balance enquiry through Customer Care

SBI offers a Toll-free number to customers in order to perform the operations such as SBI account balance enquiry, withdrawal methods or any other queries related to banking operations.

  1. Dial the SBI toll-free number 1800 11 2211.
  2. The user should provide the account details to the SBI customer care representative.
  3. The executive will provide the available balance in your SBI account.

4. SBI Account balance enquiry through Customer Care

  1. Visit the nearest ATM center of your locality.
  2. Swipe the card and type the password of your card in order to log in to the SBI.
  3. Choose Balance enquiry menu from the menu list of SBI account.
  4. Collect the transaction slip that is printed with available balance in SBI account.

5. SBI Account balance enquiry through Missed Call

  1. The mobile number of the customer have to registered by composing a message containing data REGSBI Account Number and send it to 9223488888.
  2. When the number is registered with the SBI website then the customer can give a missed call to 09223766666.
  3. The customer receives the SBI account balance within seconds from the SBI account.
  4. The user can also get the mini statement of SBI account by giving a missed call to 9223866666.

6. SBI Account balance enquiry through Branch Visit

  1. Visit the nearest SBI bank of your locality.
  2. The customer should provide the passbook to the banking officials for updating the SBI account available balance.

7. SBI Account balance enquiry through USSD codes

When the user is not aware of using internet for SBI account balance enquiry or SBI Account withdrawal or any other operations he/she can utilize these USSD codes that provides the available balance of the SBI account in a simple way.

  1. To know the balance of SBI account dial * 99 * 41 #, the user could get the balance statement of SBI account within seconds.

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