How to Build Your Own Career in Cricket

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Every cricketer has a dream to make their career in cricket. and become an international player. As we know cricket is one of the most famous game in the world. Especially in India, Pakistan, West Indies, Sri Lanka, England, Bangladesh, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand.

it runs in the blood of people. Weather its test match or one day or IPL people go crazy in these countries. career in cricket 

In childhood whenever we used to play cricket our parents hated it. Because they think playing cricket instead of studies was wastage of time.

At that time they would love to see their kids to be doctor or officer rather to opt cricket as a career. But due to the hard work and talent of cricket teams, parents’ perception has been changed slowly.

Nowadays cricket has also become a career option for many youngsters. For choosing career in cricket, one should consider the points given below-

How To Become A Cricketer At The Age Of Under 15 To 25

How to Make Career in Cricket

To excel in the three departments mentioned above, you need to devote a lot of your time to playing cricket. You can visit cricket academy to get help from the professional trainer, who can find the skills in you and enhance it.

To play the game without spending a penny, find the nearest ground and ask your friends to play cricket with you. These local matches are the sparks for the international matches and can fulfill your dream as a career in cricket.

1. Make Sure You are Good in one of the three aspects batting, bowling and fielding

career in cricket

Cricketers should be athletic and should be talented in one of the three aspects of the cricket that are batting, bowling and fielding. If your all aspects are good then you become an all rounder player.

2. Make your own identity

How to Build Your Own Career in Cricket

A cricketer may be a part of a club team, state team, under -19 national teams, national team or of a franchise team. From the national team, you can play cricket at international level.

You need to read the stories of Sachin Tendulkar, brian lara, Don Bradman and MS Dhoni, and self-motivate yourself to make your own identity. These stories can help you to start your career in cricket.

You can also read the story of the current star player of India, Virat Kohli. How he has forged his identity in the world cricket.

3. Get full knowledge about Cricket

how to make career in cricket

There are three main types of international cricket-test match, one day match and T20. In domestic level of cricket, there are also three types-the first-class, list A and T20.

In all the cricket matches, you need to know the various places of field placement as shown in the figure. You have to aware of the rules of powerplay and normal play and rules of catching and rules of the bowling within the crease.

4. Choose your aim

If you really serious about your career in cricket. First, consider the format you want to play (Batting, bowling, fielding, wicket keeping etc.) And for specialization in that format join the Particular club or team.

By playing in that club you can get a chance to play at international level. But before joining any club you have to do a lot of practice on your local pitch. career in cricket

5. Know About your cricket Boards

In India, BCCI- Board of Control of the Cricket in India is government board which generally Contract players. BCCI arranges the international level matches.

It pays to the players and players have to follow a certain code of conduct set by the BCCI. Every country has their own cricket board. career in cricket

6. Think about money in cricket

Once you success to build your career in cricket. and If you make it to the international level you can earn a big amount. BCCI pays 1 crore rupees to the top Cricketers.

By participating in the IPLs you can earn additional money. Most of the cricketers earn good money through sponsorships.

However, the first class cricket players earn low than top cricketers. Every cricket board in the world pay very handsome salary to their players. career in cricket

7. Do hard work with passion

It is true that life of a cricketer seems glamorous and lucrative. But, before making it to the large stage you have to do a lot of hard work.

That means spending a lot of time far from family, friends or even studies. Long training sessions and lots of traveling to different parts require lots of hard work, patience and stamina.

Even playing for international matches you have to travel very much abroad. career in cricket

8. Feel the importance of cricket

There are lots of perks you can get from cricket. You can get fame. You can earn money without any limit you can travel around the world for free of cost.

9. Prepare yourself to perform under pressure

The downside of this career that after being a cricket player you have to go through lots of pressure. During playing the match you have to overcome from all odds and defeat the other team.

But if you fail to win you have face lots of the criticism by people and media. career in cricket

10. Get ready for big challenge

For making the place in the 11 of international team you have to fight a fierce competition by hard work. Thanks to the IPL, which have spawned new talented cricket places, like Jasprit Bumrah, Chahal or Kuldeep Yadav to the international team.

Even for top 30, the competition is growing tough due to too many quality players are available with the advent of IPL. career in cricket

You can play for multiple countries

There is ten test match playing teams. These are India, West Indies, Sri Lanka, England, Bangladesh, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and Pakistan.

In India, you can get selected to home team first and through it upper levels. Every country has there own rules for selection of players in test or one-day matches.

Many Sports lover are dropping comments how to start career in Cricket when they have nothing to start. I tried to find the answer and the best answer is, You should join sports internships to start your career in sports.

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