How to Start Your Career in Mathematics

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Mathematics has been an interesting and logical subject in our life. We find it very useful in day to day. without mathematics, we can't imagine current luxury life. You go out for shopping, withdrawing money from ATM, ATM machine is working on mathematics algorithm.

mathematics is doing a very important role in today business also (Bank, insurance, planning, Engineering, Construction, Technology) Only few people show interest in mathematics.

Engineers can’t avoid this subject so they have to show interest in it while for others it is more than just passing the subject.

Many people go beyond their interest in mathematics and make a career in that but a little bit confused for the exact application and career in mathematics.

So we will discuss the mathematics career options and based on your interest you can choose one.

Career in Mathematics

1. Mathematics’ Professor: The first thing that comes to our mind when we think about to be a professional in Mathematics is to be a Professor/Teacher.

This is one of the most respectable, reputed and responsible career options. Convert your passion in numbers, theorems geometry etc.

If you want to be a professor then you will define the path of the life of many students. A student is what a teacher defines it. You will have to more responsible.

Your actions will define student’s behavior in his or her personal life even if you are not directly involved in that. You can join a school, high school, junior college or graduation college to teach the same. career in Mathematics

2. Be a Statistician: Statistician is nothing but a professional who is responsible for collecting information, organizing the information and analyze the same.

You will create tables, graphs, and charts of your analysis. This profession is currently in high demand. Today all the leading organization are in hunt for perfect statisticians.

They need information on how the market is behaving for the products and depending on them future actions can be taken. career in Mathematics

3. Chartered Accountant (CA): A chartered accountant is professional who is specialist in accounting, taxation and auditing of individual on corporate accounts.

This profession has seen rapid growth due to growth in the economy. Currently, this is the most esteemed and popular career option.

Generally, people from commerce stream also opt out for this. You can complete you CA course while you are doing your graduation/post graduation.

To get into this you need clear some basic entrance exams which are conducted in phase wise manner. Practically the success rate of clearing all the exams is quite low. Due to this, there is a shortage of good CA in the country. career in Mathematics

4. Banking / Finance: Could not get through CA? Don’t worry, you can still get into other options of banking and finance like accounting, cash handling, loan processing officer, backend operations, customer executive officer etc.

There are so many professional exams and interviews held across the country frequently. Just clear those exams and interviews and you will land in your dream job. The exams are not as tough as compared to CA exam. career in Mathematics

5. Operation Research Analyst: Operation Research Analyst is nothing but a branch of applied mathematics and science.

This uses advanced methods such as mathematical modeling, statistical analysis and mathematical optimization to produce an optimal or near optimal solutions to complex and decision-making problems.

They help corporations to make decisions. career in Mathematics

6. Actuary: A little-known profession Actuary is mix of mathematics and stat. It is a highly paid job as well. Actuaries are expert in analyzing the company’s current situation, using the data and predict the impact on event on tomorrow.

They are the risk analyzers. Currently, this is popular for insurance companies. There are various agencies who perform risk calculation and send the data to insurance companies and depending on that companies launch their products. career in Mathematics

7. Biomathematics: The less popular stream Biomathematics is an application on mathematics in the field of Biology. It models the biological processes using mathematics and tools.

Currently, it is being used in cellular neurobiology, population genetics etc. You need to have Biomath degree along with your courses to find a career in this. career in Mathematics

8. Cryptography: Cryptography is a stream where you use your skill to hide the information behind a picture or number or anything. It is combined branch mathematics and computer science.

This includes security of passwords and other critical information. This is also being used in intelligence agencies across the world to create encrypted messages and decrypt the messages. career in Mathematics

9. Forensic Accountant: As a forensic accountant, you will utilize your skills to investigate financial discrepancies and inaccuracies in fraudulent activities, misconduct and disputes.

You will carry out investigations to uncover information, identify specific irregularities in the financial documents and reports. You will provide all your findings and then further actions will be taken.

Don’t misunderstand that this is only to uncover criminal activity. It also includes lost profit calculation, professional negligence etc. career in Mathematics10. Stockbroker: The stockbroker’s job is to support individuals/institutions to make the informed decision on investments in the right stocks and market. Stockbroking can be retail or institutional depending upon client base. Generally, stockbrokers operate in advisory, executive or discretionary way.

There are different types of stockbrokers via Full-Service broker, discount broker or online broker. Your responsibilities will include keeping up to date with the latest financial and tax laws. You may have to carry out market research also. career in Mathematics

11. Cost Estimator: The cost estimator's main job is to calculate the cost of the future product with the prediction of the profit. Cost Estimator also need to draw up recommendations for the future endeavors.

The analysis factors include raw material cost, labor, duration and location. Most importantly they have to predict the feasibility of the project. career in Mathematics12. Economist: The Popularity of economics is on high rise. The job of an economist is to identify problems and solutions within the distribution and production of goods.

They have to search, analyze and monitor the economic conditions. career in Mathematics13. Financial Planner: Financial Planner is nothing but a financial portfolio management. The planner offers a wide range of services that are designed to assist individuals in planning and managing their financial Future.

This also includes tax management of the individuals. career in Mathematics14. Insurance Underwriter: The job of insurance underwriter is to assess and analyze the various risks present in potential policyholders before making recommendations to the companies that provide the policies. career in Mathematics

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