How to Open SBI Student Account Online

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SBI is to be one of the famous also largest banks in India with a wide range of customers over all states. SBI consists of more than 24,000 branches and 59,000 ATMs for its highly valued customers with the count of 420 million. 

SBI concerns about students and helps them learn the savings as well as withdrawal of the amount through its SBI Student Account.

How To Open SBI Minor account

SBI Student Account

You may also think why students prefer SBI for their transaction process? The answer is pretty simple it allows the students to create a new account either through online or offline with few steps to be followed and there after the account is approved the student can freely utilize the services of the SBI at any time.

SBI has been descended from the year 1806 and now the bank has millions of customers with 57 zonal offices. People may think of creating an account in other banks may be advantageous than SBI. 

But SBI proves them they are wrong in selecting other banks through their effective operations in financial investment and withdrawal methods.

Eligibility criteria for opening SBI student Account:

  1. The student should have the nationality of India.
  2. The age limit is fixed between 10 to 30 years during the opening of the account.
  3. The applicant should be a student of an institution.
  4. The SBI student account is valid only for a period of 4 years alone after that the account gets deactivated and it should be changed to a normal account. 

Documents to be carried by the student for SBI Student Account Approval

  1. The applicant should be prepared with the application form filled for account opening in SBI.
  2. Photocopy of Identity Card of the college.
  3. Aadhaar Card or Voter ID.
  4. Address Proof (Students residing in hostel can include the hostel address as their address for communication).
  5. Recent Passport Size Photographs with a number of two.

Steps to open an SBI Student Account online

  1. Navigate to the webpage page using a browser and type the details for opening a new account online.
  2. Take a copy of the application form filled online.
  3. Submit the application form along with the identity proof documents that are specified to the banking official of your locality.
  4. The banking personnel will verify the documents and the SBI student account will be opened in a couple days of time.
  5. Once the account is activated the student is offered with an ATM card along with Cheque book. But the ATM card and cheque will reach to the address specified in the application in one or two weeks after the SBI student account opening.

Steps to open an SBI Student Account offline

  1. The student can move on to the SBI branch and get the application form for opening account.
  2. Fill and Submit the application form along with ID card photocopy and 2 recent photographs.
  3. After the scrutiny of the banking, Now your account has been opened.
  4. Student will receive the welcome kit comprising ATM card and Cheque book.

Steps to open SBI Savings Account with the help of Student College

  1. The college in which the student studying should be an SBI client in order to open SBI student Account.
  2. The student should get the application form from the college and fill the form with the personal details.
  3. The college will take care of submitting all other documents of the student to the SBI for account creation.
  4. When the SBI student account is opened in this mode then it will be activated faster than any other methods.

Benefits of opening an SBI student Account

  1. SBI offers the student account to be with the minimum balance amount of 500 rupees or sometimes Zero also.
  2. Formal Address proof is not required since the student can provide the hostel address as the address for communication.
  3. PAN card is not required for transactions.

As an SBI customer “I have a cherished relationship with the bank offering a great customer service with variant accounts. 

The banking officials are kind and always there to help the users in investing plus withdrawal of the amount which leads the entire process to be a simple one. I thank SBI to be the part of my life.”- @Sunil (Student)

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