How to Renew Indian Passport in Dubai

Now it is easier to renew your passport, as it comes down to five days from 40 days. Everyone knows about the passport, it is required for international travels and universal identification. The only hurdle in renewing a passport, was the police interrogation, is now made non-mandatory. 

Indian passports are valid for 10 years and after that, you can renew the passport either in India or in DUBAI. 

For minors either it will be 5 years or until the age 18, whichever is earlier. This article describes how to get your passport renewed in DUBAI.

Renew Indian Passport in Dubai


Renewal of Indian Passport in Dubai

How To Apply?

BLS is international passport services agency in DUBAI. You have to take a route to the BLS physically to get your passport renewed.  Eligibility and documents are provided below with the address of BLS. 

Indian Embassy Plot No. 10 Sector W-59/02 Diplomatic Area Off the Airport Road P.O. Box 4090 Abu Dhabi The United Arab Emirates

Part 1: Renewal of Indian passport for Adults:

Eligibility: Candidate is More than 18 years old

Documents Required:

  1. Fill the form: EAP-I ( External )and Personal Particulars form. ensure the details are matching up with your expired passport.
  2. Photographs: Hold 6 number of photos with dark dress and white background in the size 51mmx51mm
  3. Appearance change: If the person’s appearance different from the passport photo, due to turban or anything, prior approval of CGI(Consulate General) of India.
  4. Signature: it must be done with a dark black pen and within the box provided, and it should match with the signature in the passport. This is exempted for minors up to 18 years. Signature has to be done in the presence of officer
  5. Current passport: It has to be submitted along with the photocopies. If it is handwritten, you have to convert it to Machine Readable Passport(MRP)
  6. If VISA expired: If it is expired and in the grace period, the company has to give photo testified letter and valid trade license copy is needed. if the grace period ends means, a letter from the consulate general is needed.
  7. For New Employer: Offer letter attested by Chamber of commerce needed.
  8. Explanation letter: The Detailed explanation is required once the VISA expires.
  9. Spouse name not matching Husband Name: You need a NOC (If applicable)
  10. Passport expiry: If it is after within 6 – 12 months after the expiry date, you have to give a detailed letter to the consulate.
  11. Must hold an ID proof: Emirates card, Health card or school identity card.
  12. Corrections: To get any detail corrected like address or spouse name, You need to write a letter and get approval from CGI, with relevant documents.
  13. For Jammu & Kashmir: Triplicate application is required, there will be no TATKAL is availed.

Renewal Fee

Fee for renewing passport you have to pay the fee mentioned below renewal of indian passport in dubai

Time: For renewing passport it takes time as mentioned below. Time will vary as the decisions by CGI may vary renewal of indian passport in dubai After submitting the details and payment you will be given a receipt with tracking number. You need to go to the official site to view the progress of your application form

Part 2: Renewal of minor’s passport:


Eligibility: You have to be a minor i.e below 18 years and should hold an expired passport to apply for renewal 

Documents Required: In addition to the documents mentioned above in part 1 the following documents are to be produced while going for renewal

  1. Both parent’s passport needed: otherwise approval from CGL is needed
  2. VISA expired: If it is expired and in the grace period, the sponsor has to testify and give passports copy. If the grace period ends means, a letter from the consulate general is needed. If both minor and sponsor VISA expired, prior approval from the consulate is needed.
  3. Both parents must accompany: The minor who is applying for renewal. Parents’ name must match with the application. If correction is needed, letter of correction from consulate is needed.
  4. If parent not available:
  • If one parent in is DUBAI and another one in India, Annexure D must be submitted.
  • If they are divorced, custody paper and divorce decree are needed to be submitted.
  • If they died, then death certificate has to be produced. If they died in DUBAI, approval from Ministry of Foreign affairs.

Fee for Minors

Fee for minors renewal charges are tabled below renewal of indian passport in dubai

Time: Time taken for minor renewing the passport is same as before. But the time may vary according to the CGI’s approval. renewal of indian passport in dubai

Part 3: Renewal of short validity passport:

Short validity passport is valid for 1 to 5 years, according to the purpose it will change. Usually, it is taken by students with admission letters in DUBAI. 

The time needed will be decided by the CGI officer. The above-mentioned documents in part 1 are needed for the renewal of short validity passport. 

The Same fee is applicable and time consumption is also the same. After applying, if the passport is not delivered to your home or office, it means there are discrepancies in your application. 

Then you can try tracking the application online. Mostly it will be processed in 5 days, unlike the older times. One may say that normal time like a tatkal time as compared before.

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