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Buying a car or bike is relatively easy, but parking it safely in a parking is the tough job. There are many apps provided by RTA to enhance hassle-free journey throughout Dubai.      One of their releases is ‘m-parking’, but it is not in the form of an app. 

It is by sending an SMS to the number 7275, and you will get a virtual parking permit. There the officials will get your request on their mobile. 

The main advantage of m parking is that you will be notified before your parking time ends, then you can extend the parking time with just an SMS again, saving long run for the parking place. 

This facility need not be registered for Dubai vehicle, but for the non-Dubai vehicle, you need to get registered to get this m Parking For using this facility, you needUAE registered mobile Etisalat OR Du, and you have to have enough cash (30 fils) to get the ticket. 

This article is divided into two parts, as Dubai registered vehicles and non-Dubai registered vehicle.

Part 1: m-Parking for Dubai Vehicles:

1. Launch Messenger: Tap over the inbox option in your phone and then tap on new message option in the upper right corner (In most smartphones). After opening, it will ask for the recipient's number and the message content. 

2. Recipient and Message: You need to enter the number 7275 as the recipient. Now you have to type your vehicle’s number, followed by the zone and parking time. SMS should be in the given format, otherwise, the request will not be accepted and you will also lose the money. An example is shown in the picture. m parking3. Send and Confirm Message: After entering the above details, Tap the send button. Within few minutes you will receive confirmation SMS. m parking4. Warning Message: 10 minutes before the parking ticket expires you will be sent a warning SMS. m parking5. Reply to extend: Send message just ’Y’ to the number 7575 to extend the parking for 1 hourm parking

Part 2: m-parking for outside of Dubai vehicles

If you are having non-Dubai vehicles, you have to register yourself to the service to enable ‘m parking’. To register tap on this link. This link takes you to the RTA’s site. Fill in your details in the fields given, as described in the following steps 

1. personal information: You name with citizenship. m parking2. contact information: Your current area code with mobile number and email address. m parking3. Captcha: Finally, you have to enter captcha code correctly in the box and tap okay. That’s it, you can use the ‘m-parking’ method using your nickname. m parking4. Message: Type the message in the format . m parking5. Follow the steps 3 to 5 in the same manner as described before In conclusion, you have learned how to use m-parking facility both for Dubai registered and non-Dubai registered vehicles. This method of m parking lets you avoid the queue for the coin box and running to the parking in last minute time.

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