How to Check Passport is ECR or ECNR on an Indian Passport

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ECR passport and ECNR passport are currently hot Topic in India. many people don't know what is ECR passport and ECNR passport. or how to check, my passport is ECR passport or ECNR? Now it's very important to know your passport categories to avoid any type of inconvenience during your flight.

What is ECR passport - ECR full form is (Emigration Check Required). If you are not passed class 10th. Then your passport will come in ECR (Emigration Check Required) categories

It means you have to get clearance from immigration office every time when you are going out of India. In ECR passport, one stamp will be inside on your passport page.

In stamp, it's clearly written ECR  (Emigration Check Required).  If your passport status is ECR then you have to get clearance from immigration office for following countries Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, raq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan, Syria, Yemen.

if you are traveling to any of the above countries for purposes other than employment (ex- visit, business, and any other purpose), you don't require emigration clearance.  

What is ECNR passport - ECNR full form is (Emigration Check not Required). If you are a graduate or 10th pass, as you given details during applying for passport.

So your default status will be ECNR. It means those persons who have ECNR passport, no need to get clearance from immigration office every time when he/she is going out of India. 

On October 1, 2007, Government of India abolished ECRS suspension. If Applicant is ineligible for ECNR then ECR (Emigration Check Required) is being stamped on his/her passport by Government of India.

Check your Passport: ECR passport  or ECNR Passport

How to check ECNR status in Indian passport online - If you are class 10th pass then by Default you are in ECNR categoriesBut if you do not pass Class 10th as you declare your qualification during applying passport So you will come in ECR categories. For this Categories, one stamp will be inside your passport and Emigration Check Required written there.

Step 1: Open your Passport and find the stamp.

Step 2: Stamp will look like this below image.   ECR-passport

ECNR passport image -  Source

Step 3: In this, it's clearly written Emigration Check Required.

Step 4: If you found this stamp in your passport it means you are in ECR categories.

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Are you eligible for Non-ECR (ECNR) Category?

In order to protect the interests of vulnerable sections of society such as children, illiterate workers etc., from being taken overseas and exploited, office of Protector of Emigrants, Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs has placed certain categories of citizens in the Emigration Check Required (ECR) category.

Most citizens who are not in the working age or are not illiterate, or are well qualified educationally will fall in the Non-Emigration Check Required (Non-ECR) category.

Indian citizens categorized as ECR, are required to get a clearance from the office of Protector of Emigrants, Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs before leaving the country for employment purpose.

For further clarification refer website ECR 

If you are in the ECR category, ECR status will be printed on your passport. If ECR is not printed on your passport, you would be deemed to have been granted Non-ECR status.

Non-ECR status will not be printed on your passport. Put a cross against Yes if you are eligible for Non-Emigration Check Required (Non-ECR).

An applicant will be eligible for non-ECR status if the applicant falls in any one of the following categories and provides documentary proof thereof:

a) All holders of Diplomatic/Official passports

b) All Gazetted Government servants, their spouses and dependent children

c) All persons having educational qualification of matriculation (pass) and above

d) All persons above the age of 50 years

e) All children up to the age of 18 years wishing to obtain short validity passport. (For re-issue of passport, after they attain the age of 18 years, documents to prove their Non-ECR category have to be submitted, else ECR stamping will be done)

f) All children between 15 and 18 years of age wishing to obtain full validity passport of 10 years have to submit documents to prove their Non-ECR category, else ECR stamping will be done.

g) Income-Tax payers (including Agricultural Income-Tax payees) in their individual capacity, their spouses and dependent children. Following documents have to be submitted:

  • Proof of assessment of income tax and actual payment of income tax for last one year; or
  • Income Tax return statement (with income tax being paid by the applicant) for last one year that is stamped by income tax authorities and a copy of the PAN card. Applicants submitting NIL income tax return statements are not eligible.

h) Persons possessing two years diploma from any institute recognized by the National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT) or State Council of Vocational Training (SCVT), or persons holding three years diploma/equivalent degree from institutions, such as Polytechnics recognized by the Central/State Governments of India.

i) Nurses possessing qualifications recognized under the Indian Nursing Council Act, 1947.

j) All professional degree holders, their spouses and dependent children. Examples of professional degree holders are Doctors holding MBBS degree or equivalent degree in Ayurved or Homeopathy, accredited Journalists, Engineers, Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants, Lecturers, Teachers, Scientists, Advocates, etc.

k) All persons who have been staying abroad for more than three years (the period of three years may or may not be continuous) and their spouses. For the purpose of verification, spouse name should be endorsed on each others passport.

l) Seamen who are in possession of Continuous Discharge Certificate (CDC), or Sea Cadets and Deck Cadets -

  • Who have passed the final examination of three years B.Sc. Nautical Sciences courses at T.S. Chanakya, Mumbai; and
  • Who have undergone three months pre-sea training at any of the Government approved training institutes, such as T.S. Chanakya, T.S. Rehman, T.S. Jawahar, MTI (SCI) and NIPM, CHENNAI, after production of identity cards issued by the Shipping Master at Mumbai/Kolkata/Chennai.

m) Persons holding Permanent Immigration visa or documents like Green Card, Permanent Residence Card etc.

  • If you do not fall under any of the above-mentioned categories (a – l), put a cross against No.

At present Emigration control is exercised by the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, through Protector of Emigrants (POE) under the Emigration Act, 1982. Emigration clearance is required for employment in the following countries (18 in total):

United Arab Emirates (UAE), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Malaysia, Libya, Jordan, Yemen, Sudan, Brunei, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Syria, Lebanon, Thailand, and Iraq.

ECR passport holders taking up employment in the above-mentioned countries require emigration clearance from the office of the Protector of Emigrants (POE) before leaving India; otherwise, they will be stopped from traveling at the port of exit.

For further clarification refer website With effect from October 1, 2007, Government of India has abolished Emigration Check Required Suspension (ECRS).

Therefore, ECR passport holders traveling abroad for purpose other than employment, to any of the above mentioned 18 countries, will be allowed to leave the country on production of valid passport, valid visa and return ticket at the immigration counters at international airport in India.  

Note: A passport holder having employment visa in passport does not require clearance from POE when they go back after short visit to India.

Now New passports are issuing ECNR by default - so if you don't see an ECR stamp in your passport, it means ECNR (Emigration Check not Required).

If your passport has ECR stamp then you should know how to remove ECR stamp from Indian passport

Tips: In case of emergency, for example - your visa already came and you have ECR passport then I will advise you to apply for Tatkal passport.

you can get your passport within 3-4 days. and new passport will be ECNR. for more information see this How to get Tatkal passport in 3 days.


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