How to Apply for Tatkal Passport Online in India

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Do you need Tatkal passport urgently? You can get within one day, Government of India giving more flexible way to issue Tatkal passport as never before. Now Police Verification is not required for Tatkal passport, your passport will dispatch within one working day excluding the date of submission of application.

Ministry of External Affairs is going to install card machines to make tatkal passport cashless. It will help to speed up the whole process for tatkal passport;

you have to pay small additional amount of money over the normal application fee in order to avail the facility. Here easy and quick guide to get tatkal passport in one day.

Tatkal passport online process

Tatkal Passport Documents Required-

  • If you have Aadhar card, will be much better, no need any extra document
  • Or you need at least three document proof from below list:
    • Voter ID
    • PAN card
    • Ration Card
    • Passbook of bank (at least one-year-old)
    • 10th mark sheet
    • Driving license
    • Marriage certificate
    • Any authentic government photo ID card
  • Annexure F-verification certificates for tatkal passport-available on passport site,
  • Annexure I-standard affidavit available on passport site,

Follow the below given steps to apply online for tatkal passport

  1. Go to passport Seva website and register there.
  2. After register, log in using username and password in passport Seva website.
  3. On Next page select the tatkal option.
  4. At next page two option will be there offline form and online form select one of them.
  5. Then fill all the details step by step (Application details, family details, present address, emergency contacts, references)
  6. Now submit the form, after submitting the form take the appointment as per your convenience.
  7. Finally, take your print out of the appointment and reach at passport Seva office at given time.

Note: For detail step by step procedure see below.

Tatkal Passport Fees

  Passport Type Fees
1.   Fresh Passport/Re-issue of Passport 10 years validity. 1,500-2,000 INR
2.   Fresh Passport/Re-issue of Passport (60 pages) 10 years validity. Rs.2,000-2000 INR
3.   Fresh Passport/Re-issue of Passport for Minors (below 18 years of Age) Rs.1,000-2000 INR
4.  Replacement of Passport (36 pages) in lieu of lost, damaged or stolen Rs.3,000-2000 INR
5.  Replacement of Passport (60 pages) in lieu of lost, damaged or stolen Rs.3,500-2000 INR
6.  Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) Rs.500 INR
7.  Replacement of Passport (36 pages) for deletion of ECR Rs.1,500-2000 INR
8.  Replacement of Passport (60 pages) for deletion of ECR Rs.2,000-2000 INR
9.  Replacement of Passport (36 pages) for deletion of ECR/ Change in personal particulars for Minors (below 18 years of Age), of 5 years validity or till the minor attains the age of 18 whichever is earlier. Rs.1,000- 2000 INR

List of applicants who cannot apply under the Tatkaal scheme

  1. Lost/ Damaged beyond recognition/ Stolen Passport
  2. Jammu and Kashmir Residents (Note: Mandatory Pre-Police Verification required)
  3. Children adopted by Indian parents
  4. Children adopted by foreign parents
  5. Minors with single parent (One parent deceased)
  6. Minors from Nagaland (below 18 years)
  7. Renewal of Short Validity Passport (SVP)
  8. Nagaland Residents
  9. Naga origins residing outside Nagaland
  10. Citizen of India by Descent (Born to Indian parent(s) outside India)
  11. Citizen of India by Registration/ Naturalization (Granted citizenship by MHA)
  12. Applicants repatriated from abroad at Government cost
  13. Applicants deported to India/ Emergency Certificate cases
  14. Major change in name
  15. Major change in name (cases different from minor change case)
  16. Change in Sex
  17. Change of Appearance
  18. Change/ Correction of DoB
  19. Change/ Correction of place of birth
  20. Change in Signature
  21. Change of Father/ Mother name

How long will it take to get a Tatkaal passport? After successful application form submission, with final status as "Granted", you can expect your passport to be dispatched as follows:

Application Type of Police Verification Expected Time To Dispatch Passport
Tatkaal Police Verification is not required Within one working day excluding the date of submission of application.
Police Verification is required on a Post-Passport Issuance basis On third working day excluding the date of submission of application - without waiting for the Police Verification Report.


Procedure to apply for tatkal passport

1. Go to the official site of govt. of India for passport services. The official link for this is


2. Click on registration button: Now go to new user register option at the left side of the page.

tatkal passport

3. Fill your details: At the next page, you will find a page where you have to fill the following details for the registration.

tatkal passport india

  • Passport office,
  • Given name,
  • Surname,
  • Date of birth,
  • Email id,
  • Do you want your Login ID to be the same as email id?
  • Login ID
  • Password,
  • Confirm password,
  • Hint Question and answer,
  • Fill the given code in the box.

Then click on the click on submit.

4. Enter login id: Once you get registered then go to the homepage and then click on the option login. Fill your user ID and password and then click on login. Then come several options for tatkal passport. Click on the first option- apply for fresh passport/reissue of passport.


5. Select online form application: See alternative 2 section and click on given link to fill the application form online.

indian passport tatkal

6. Select Tatkal option: At the homepage for tatkal passport you have to fill the following options-

  • Applying for- Fresh passport,
  • Type of passport- Tatkal passport,
  • Types of passport booklet-36 pages,

passport tatkal  Then click on the option next.

7. Fill application details: At the next, there are options in which you have to fill your personal details-

indian passport tatkaltatkal-passport-step-6

  • Given name,
  • Surname,
  • Have you ever been known by other names?
  • Have you ever changed your name?
  • Date of birth,
  • Place of birth,
  • State/UT
  • District,
  • Country,
  • Gender,
  • Marital status,
  • Citizenship of India by,
  • Pan,
  • Voter ID,
  • Employment,
  • Is your parents/spouse are govt. servant?
  • Educational qualification,
  • Is applicant is eligible for Non-ECR category?
  • Visible distinguishing mark,
  • Aadhar number

Then click on next option.

8. Fill your family details: At the next page, you will have to fill the following family details-

  • Father’s given name,
  • Surname,
  • Mother’s given name,
  • Surname,
  • Legal guardian,

Then click on the next option.

9. Give the address details: then fill the following details related to your present address-

  • Is your present address out of India?
  • Residing since,
  • House number/street number,
  • Village/town,
  • District,
  • State,
  • Police station,
  • Pin code,
  • Mobile number,

Then click on the next option.

10: Enter contact details: then fill the details about emergency contacts-

  • Name and address,
  • Mobile number,
  • Telephone number,
  • Email id.

Then click on the option next.

11. Give the reference:  then fill the following details of references-

  • First reference name and address,
  • Mobile number,
  • Telephone number.
  • Second reference name and address,
  • Mobile number,
  • Telephone number.

Then click on the option next.

12. Check the terms and condition and submit: then at the next page, you will find the self-declaration form where you have to agree with the terms and condition by checking a small box.

Then you can save your details or see a preview of your details. Below that there are given some benefits for which you have to select yes or no. then click on the option submit the form.

13. Schedule appointment: after submitting the form you have to schedule the appointment time. Go to the homepage of the site.

14. Select application number: go to the option given to the left side of the page view the saved/submitted applications. Then select your application number.

15. Manage appointment: at the next page you will the option manage appointment. Then the page will be opened with the following options-

  • Application number,
  • Given number,
  • Surname,
  • Date of birth,
  • Appointment quota- tatkal.

Then click on the option create an appointment and at the next page select the passport Seva Kendra location and enter the displayed characters. After that, you can check the availability by clicking on the options show available slots.

16. Take print out of application form: if you want to take a print out of the application then go to the option view saved/submitted application and then click on the print application receipt.

How to calculate the fee for tatkal passport

 1. Click on fee calculator: go to the left side option on the home page-fee calculator.

fee for tatkal passport

2. Fill the details: at the next page you have to fill the following details for knowing tatkal passport service-

fee for tatkal passport

  • Select an option-passport,
  • Mode of application submission,
  • Type of service,
  • Applicant’s age,
  • of pages in the booklet,
  • Required scheme-tatkal,
  • Then the amount comes which is 3500 for tatkal passport

By this way, you can easily apply for the tatkal passport and a get the passport just in 1 days. If you will go to apply for a normal passport it will take 15 days. Reference:

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