How to Get OEC Online

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OEC means overseas employment certificate. It is required for overseas Filipino workers (OFW) to return to Dubai, after taking a vacation in their homeland Philippines.  Now you can apply for the OEC through the online processing website (Balik – Manggagawa). 

It is run by Philippines Overseas Employment Administration (POEA). This site lets you print your OEC from anywhere easily. 

In this article, we are going see how to get OEC and exempt it. Follow the steps below to get OEC online. All the process for OCE comes through the site  You can skip the first two steps if you already have an account on the site.

Online OEC

1. Create Account: Open the site through any browser. After entering the details in the signup menu, you have to accept the terms of the service and then click signup now.
You have to be careful while entering an email address, as you cannot change email address after you sign up. oec online

2. Mail Verification: Check your email to get the confirmation link from BM site, then click on the link. 

3. Login & Enter OEC: After creating an account, sign in by entering your credentials. After logging into the account, in the dialogue box enter the last OEC number, and click okay. If you have forgotten the password, you can mail to oec online

4. Forgot OEC Number: If you have forgotten your OEC number or if record not found message comes, click the alternative link to book appointment. 

5. Return to the same employer: Next, you will be asked, whether you are returning to the same employer or job site. Choose yes or no. oec dubai

6. Update details: Edit the contract details by entering the name and other details of the employer. In the site, you will be asked to fill in the following details.

  • Personal Data
  • Contract Particulars
  • Legal Beneficiary
  • Photograph matching with the passport (Not more than 1 MB)

You have to be careful with your personal data and contract particular, as you cannot edit after signing up. These noneditable contents can be edited by booking an appointment and visiting embassy. oec dubai7. Flight arrival time: Enter the flight schedule and submit the application. oec exemption8. Confirm the same employer: You will be asked to confirm that you are going to join the same employer. If you don’t, you can click on appointment. 

9. Acquire OEC or exemption: Now you click on the option, and you will be shown a popup window that you are exempted from clicking on the Acquire or Exempt option you will be redirected to payments section. oec exemption

10. Payment: you have to pay 100 PHP + 19.5 PHP service charge through any one of the methods below.

  • Banks over the counter
  • Banks over online and from other options select the appropriate
  • Through mobile payment
  • Nonbank options

That’s it to get OEC or exemption. If you don’t have OEC at the time of departure, goto airline counter with

  • Your passport, that has more than 6 months validity.
  • VISA work permit showing the employer and job site. After that goto, the immigration counter to proceed to travel.

How to get an appointment for OEC?

If you fall into any category below, you need to book an appointment to visit the embassy.

  • You have chosen different employer
  • You are a Watchlisted employer
  • You are not allowed in particular country
  • If you are an undocumented worker like tourists
  • Changing your From sea-based job to land-based job

To set an appointment, you need to visit the site  and follow the steps till above mentioned.

How to get an exemption for OEC?

The exemption in the OEC saves your money and doing it online saves your time. oec exemption To get exemption from the fee in the site Balik – Manggagawa, you need to have

  • An existing POEA database and
  • Returning to the same employer
  • Going to the same job site

An existing database means that you have applied for OEC before through any POEA centers. To know you have been exempted, before the scheduled travel date you can log in to the site and check the status.


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